“As long as this alien tyranny evil occu-
pies our land, hate is our law and revenge is our duty.” Pastor Richard Girnt Butler Aryan Nation’s


The American Aryan Network is the new path that we in the old United Dixie White Knights and other Klansmen and White Nationalists are taking. We are not a membership organization. We are a group of Aryans of like mind. This website will be used as a pulpit for the White American Aryan. Read https://kkkuniteddixiewhiteknights.com/the-future-structure-of-our-movement/

We are a like minded group of Aryan men and women some whom have years in this movement. Imperial Wizard Brent Waller along with many ex Klansmen built this website out of dissatisfaction with today’s Klan and it’s many Chameleons and Informants. This is me Brent Waller when I was Mississippi Grand Dragon.

We and those like us are the future of this movement. I wish the true Klansmen well, but we have grown tired of the many false front Klans and dozens of informants set up like coackroaches in our midsts.

After much thought amongst ourselves the AAN was born. We are American born White Nationalists, many are Christian Identity Christians but we welcome any true White Nationalist. We refuse to be divided over Religion.

Our interests will no longer be divided by the Jew. It is focused entirely on moving White Nationalism forward. We will work with the tried and true White Nationalists but shun the imposters.

Stay tuned, this website is a work in progress. We will offer a platform here for any true White Nationalist writing, you can reach us for now at Brent Wallers email at brentwaller100@gmail.com

5 years ago all guns were confiscated in #Venezuela.

Today their government has stolen their money, businesses, food and their lives.

Sieg Heil