Welcome to our website, either by chance or a thoughtful search you have entered the portal of the Invisible Empire online.

The United Dixie White Knights are proud men and women from Dixie. We believe in God, The 14 words and in returning our Republic as it was founded. We are Pro America and Anti Immigrant, as diversity and the drain of feeding the entire world while at the same time letting half of the South American illegals invade our country is destroying our children’s prosperity and future. Enough is enough, this madness must end. We are not a country without a secure border as the 7th ” planned” Amnesty that’s coming and these political actors in Congress actions who are allowing our country to be ran over by millions of illegal enemy combatants at the same time amounts to Treason!

At this current time there is substantial evidence showing that the deep state through the FBI and CIA have been attempting to overthrow a legally elected American President!! We are in a state of tyranny now and it’s no longer hidden from the sheep. We must prepare by banding together for the hard times coming upon us. If you are on the fence get off it. The days of playing the gullible sheep must end. Stand tall for your God, Country, Family, Values and your Second Amendment.

The forces of evil are upon us, we are in the final stages of a New World Order and the slavery that comes with it. We must unite and resist a Global World Government and the loss of American Sovereignty to our last drop of blood. Our White forefathers gave us this land by blood and we must not give it away. You can stand and fight by joining the resistance or role over and accept whats coming like a true sheep, the choice is yours.

We seek to unite all Dixie White Patriots by building Klaverns in all states with like minded people who are ready to start preparing for the economic collapse and hard times coming. We are proud Whites who are sick of political correctness and are the only group who has ever stood tall for the White race and who has fought the Socialist, Communist New World Order crowd since 1865.

We are hated and feared by our enemies for good reason. Our history is clear and our beliefs are strong. We are not part of the alt light fairy movement. We don’t hide nor do we sugarcoat our beliefs. We believe God created man and seperated the races for a reason and that our races should not mix. We are strongly against the sin of Homosexuality and believe the Fire and Brimstone from the story of Soddom and Ghmorra is all the proof needed. We are against Homosexuality and Bestality as our Holy book says its wrong. Homosexuality is a type of mental illness and should be treated as such.

We recognize that there are those among us who claim to be Jews but whom are not. These fake Hebrews along with the heirarchy of the Catholic church and various other people have been in front and behind the scenes of much of the misery brought upon the world. For this reason the real Klan and the UDWK has NEVER accepted Catholics and never will. We bow to no Pope, Dictator or Tyrant. Our Holy book teaches us only God can absolve us of our sins. A Pope is but a mortal man. We are sick of the current Popes political agenda, his stance on open borders as well as his acceptance of Homosexuality.

We think Americans should resist all attempts to bring the followers of Allah to our shores. The Muslim wishes to destroy all other religions and civilizations for his bloodthirsty God. We think he should be given the war he wishes until the soldiers of God stand victorious once and for all. Let him go meet his idol and receive his virgins in double time. We do not promote violence but faced by the Muslims ever growing numbers that are being brought to our shores by corrupt political actors along with every other heathen religion and savage from some third world shithole country that it is our God given right to defend our lives, country and religion against those who seek to exterminate us from the face of this earth and these Political Chameleons in our Government who are bringing them to our shores. If they want war, then let the Soldiers who wear the armor of God step forth to meet them in battle! Let the Fiery Cross stand like a beacon atop the rubble of the followers of Muhammad.

We believe our Republic as it was founded was defeated and rebuilt in 1865 to suit the eyes of tyrants and their foreign masters. We seek a return of our American Republic as it was founded, God, a strong border, nationalisim multiplied by a million, the ousting of the Fed and a return to American control of our currency, economy and banking. We do not play politically correct and stand by our beliefs.

The time to prepare is now, soon you will be fighting for survival and the lone wolf will not survive long. If you are of similar beliefs and are looking to band with others to prepare, awaken and educate others then you should step over the fence and join us today.

From this point forward our public group, The American Aryan Network is the new path that we in the United Dixie White Knights are creating for new members to join for a probationary period of one year.
We are a like minded group of Aryan men and women some whom have years in this movement.

After much thought amongst ourselves the AAN was born. We are American born Klansmen and White Nationalists, many are Christian Identity Christians see https://kkkuniteddixiewhiteknights.com/an-open-letter-to-anyone-who-preaches-the-jews-are-the-true-israel-by-sheldon-emry-2/#

We welcome any true White Nationalist into the Network, but only Christians will be able to become Klansmen.

Our focus is on moving White Nationalism and most importantly the Klan forward. We will work with the tried and true Klansmen and White Nationalists but shun the imposters.

Stay tuned, this website is a work in progress. We will offer a platform here for any true White Nationalist writing, you can reach us at


“There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete,
so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their
breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
President Woodrow Wilson

Klasp is Cabark

A prayer from the Imperial Wizard

Dear Lord please send us more warriors and soldiers like Sam Bowers, Robert Mathews, Byron De La Beckwith and Gary Yarbrough. Send us 25,000 and we will restore your kingdom and wipe the seed of Satan from the face of this earth. We will put almighty God back above all and stamp out tyranny forever. All we ask is to be your battle ax but the old guard is passing on and new soldiers who wear the armor of God are needed. In your name we pray and in your name we serve, amen.