Welcome to our website, either by chance or a thoughtful search you have entered the portal of the Invisible Empire online.

From this point forward our public group, The American Aryan Network is the new path that we in the United Dixie White Knights are creating for new members to join for a probationary period of one year.
We are a like minded group of Aryan men and women some whom have years in this movement. This is me Brent Waller when I was Mississippi Grand Dragon in the pic below.

After much thought amongst ourselves the AAN was born. We are American born Klansmen and White Nationalists, many are Christian Identity Christians but we welcome any true White Nationalist into the Network, but only Christians will be able to become Klansmen.

Our interests will no longer be divided by Jewish puppets who infest so many groups today. It is focused entirely on moving White Nationalism and most importantly the Klan forward. We will work with the tried and true Klansmen and White Nationalists but shun the imposters.

Stay tuned, this website is a work in progress. We will offer a platform here for any true White Nationalist writing, you can reach us at udwkkukluxklan@gmail.com or our encrypted email at uniteddixiewhiteknights@tutanota.com

5 years ago all guns were confiscated in Venezuela and today their government has stolen their money, businesses, food and their lives.

“There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete,
so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their
breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
President Woodrow Wilson

Klasp is Cabark

IW Waller