The American Aryan Network is born

Good Morning White America, as I turned off the interstate on the east side of Laurel, Mississippi this morning and headed to the city park to meet fellow White Nationalists for a meeting then lunch, I had time to reflect on my youth in my hometown.
The Laurel I knew is gone, all that is left is black death, the stench of decay that the black races seem unable to stop once Whites leave is everywhere. Other than myself and friends, I only see two white faces. These two elderly people are leading around a little Mullato that no doubt their mudshark daughter birthed to get crack.
This park is not far from Sambos Amusment Company that Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers worked out of with another family friend Tourque Larson. Sam’s Klan is the Klan of my Father’s side. The White Knights of Mississippi are not to be confused with the many others who have attempted to hijack his Klan name for various Jewish false fronts, they take people’s money and get their information never to be seen again. No matter how you twist a name, their was only one White Knights of Mississippi, and no Klan today has lineage to it.
Sam is a man I knew well, and my trip to Laurel floods back old memories. As I drive in,  I drove by his old business and John’s Cafe across the street where those in my family who were Klansmen had a beer and waited for Sam’s signal from across the street to walk over for business.
The sidewalk where me and Dad often saw Sam walking his little dog Topper. I loved that little dog, I thought he was so cool, he was a Jack Russell type, and back then there was not many of his breed around. Topper was trained to give the Salute, Right handed because by this time in Sam’s life he often wore a Swastika armband and had changed his beliefs from Klan to a more Christian Identity NS ideology.
This sidewalk lies on the west side of the railroad track that use to divide Laurels black population with it’s White. It heads toward the fairgrounds where me and Dad once saw Sam speak to a large crowd. It led right by Klansman J Perry’s lounge. Perry was the meanest Klansman outside the Hendrys. He owned the bar,a carlot and several more businesses with Klan attorney Travis Buckley and other Laurel Klansmen.
Perry was not one to mess with, he was once interviewed by the FBI for bank Robbery in Leakesville. I often cringed as a 12 year old boy under his stare. His eyes looked like pure evil, they seemed to bore holes through everything he looked at. He kept the rougher lot of Klansmen in his lounge, and it was Perry who many went to see for various dirty deeds. Perry was a man who seemed awash in cash, he ran gambling operations and you would never know it by looking at him, but he was a very wealthy man.
His brother was Sams Nighthawk for the Sandersville, Ms Klavern. He was twice his brothers size and just as mean. Honestly back then I thought most Klansmen I met outside my family were assholes! I had no idea of what they were going through at the time. It amounted to a full blown Anti Defamation League financed attack by the Federal Bureau of Intergration. Paranoia had long set in.
Sam was my Sunday School teacher, I bet some liberal snowflakes just passed out reading that, but it’s true. Sam Bowers was a devout Christian man. He often used to preach to Dad’s friends who I knew had been out in Perry’s lounge or Laurels famous ” oilfield lounge” in the Ramada inn drinking all night. I though it was funny as they sit and started at Sam’s preaching through red eyes, while looking at the lunch in front of them while unable to eat.
John’s Cafes waitress they later found out was informing on them to the enemys. Which explained why we never set foot back in it. It just sits in the middle of Black death now, as the Negros have long since crossed the tracks and destroyed Laurel. Most Whites fled toward West Jones including my family. In about the 4th grade we moved beside West Jones high school in a large subdivision with nice houses.
We played our baseball games on West Jones Baseball field, tennis courts were just accross the street and every other weekend I could hear the sounds of bluegrass from Lonesone Pines bluegrass park. For a city boy who grew up in Laurel on Cridby Drive next to the baseball field complex, it was like I had moved to paradise.
Almost every kid at my new school Calhoun Elementary had some type of kin that were in Sam’s Klan. They ran Laurel. It took millions of Jew Money and it’s henchmen in the FBI to run them into hiding. The meanest of them all was not the Jones County side, it was the Wayne County Klavern. Ole man Hendry ran it, and it was Andre Hendry who shot the negro gaurd at Masonite in Laurel during a strike and killed him.
The plant brought in Negros during the strike for less money to replace the many Klansmen and whites who worked at Masonite.
They tried Mr Hendry twice, but no white man in his right mind would vote a Hendry guilty. He had two hung jurries. My dad started his working life at Masonite, and the fumes from that mess destroyed my dad’s lungs and most of the rest of Laurel. He left and got a great Job at Ergon oil in Laurel. We then lived the highs and lows of the oil patch as most of my entire family worked in some fashion or another for Laurels oil patch.
I have worked on the many oilwells in and around Laurel during my Welding carrer. Nothing looks the same, just Black Death. Most of my old friends have long since fled the decay of the Negro in Laurel. It is truley sad to see. Laurelwas once a beautiful city, it’s downtown had red brick streets, art museums and the wealth of big oil. No more.
As I sit on this bench in city park, many thoughts come to my mind, one of which is the direction we are headed. Much like Sam I have grown very dissatisfied with today’s Klan, it’s awash in agent provacaturs and false front groups that are now building alliances. In 2017 all year we watched two well known Grand Dragons for a false front Klan attempt to unify the Klans for the purpose of Marching!
See folks, our enemies needed Charlottesville, the entire thing was a setup that many rightous Klansmen and White Nationalists answered the Chameleons bell for. Those evil White Nationalists and Klansmen were needed in the streets to whip up the liberal base. Through the use of well placed moles and false front groups they achieved what they set out to do. I’m not referring to the event organizers, I believe their intentions were sincere. I’m speaking directly about the moles in our movement who share LOS affiliation, who were attempting to whip the Klan into Marching Condition.
Charlottesville is a very liberal city with a Jew Mayor. It’s awash in perversion, Homosexuality and Communists. One day some will learn we don’t go to war on the enemies field, we go to war on ours.
Brother Richard Preston and others did not head my warning to stay away from Charlottesville, now they sit in Jail. We must fight, but not at the direction of Johnny Jew.
I saw no way we could continue as our birthright as Klansmen, as almost the entire Klan is either infiltrated or false fronts. The Klan name is public domain and this enables any White prostitute working for Zog to set one up.
Bill Riccio was the last straw for me, this piece of shit testified against Bob Mathews and Louis Beam and others. When I saw Alabama Klansmen working with his false front group for the SPLC I became disgusted! My oh my what short memories some have. One of those working with him was a K Trio Knight! Testifying against a brother Klansman is a major offense in the Klan. The punishment is death.
Yet here I sat watching the League of the South, Klans and others welcome this piece of shit with open arms.  I determined right then and their the LOS is completely infiltrated as these old Traveling Grand Dragons, Aryan Nations or whatever the hell they call themselves are in it that we had been watching. The LOS can’t spell security.
I saw no way to fix my noble order the Ku Klux Klan and rid the parasites. I see only one path ” our own” and much like my Sunday School teacher Sam Bowers, a different direction more suited to today’s century, free of parasites and White prostitutes is one we are going to take.
Today the American Aryan Network is born as a website for our right of free speech. It will be the mouthpiece of the true Klansmen and White Nationalists who from this time forward will be an underground American Patriot group.
The best way to keep out the parasites is to not let them in. We do not advocate violence, but we may wake up one day to find we must fight force with force. If that day comes, much like our Viking Ancestors we will march to battle singing and shouting ” Skoll” as we will drink from the Skulls of the Tyrants.
The Jew has hounded me through the use of moles on Stormfront and two agent provacaturs, “see our Klan was the real deal and one they did not control.” We caught dead people trying to join us, as we had the death certificate. They blow up my emails daily and constantly harrass me on Stormfront.
This tells me one thing! They fear that they do not control. By starting our own pro White Org free of the Klan name I’m not so niave as to know they won’t persist, but no one can show up claiming to be one of us from reading our many books that our enemies have possession of.
Only the tried and tested made the cut, all others were let loose when we disbanded the UDWK in June of 2017. We will offer a platform for any bonafide White Nationalist on this website. Send me an essay that you want printed and if it’s like minded I will post it.
As I get up from this park bench to leave, I intend on driving to the florist and buying one red rose for a true American Patriot and White Warrior who fought Zog till he couldn’t fight it no more, Sam Bowers. I will place that rose in front of his business in 10 minutes as a tribute from an old friend and the true White Nationalist whom are in this movement.
No doubt the Jews from Birmingham will pick it up when I leave.
Brent Waller

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