Social Networking, Get off it!

White Warrior! Social media is being used against you. Your words are stockpiled in a great big box in some Rabbis house to one day be used against you. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and so called White Nationalist sites like VNN and Stormfront should be avoided.

I’ve been a member of sites like Stormfront for years, no more, I will soon be leaving. These sites are nothing more than playgrounds for the ADL, SPLC, FBI and the many false front groups that exist on it. Almost all Klansmen I’ve met on it are puppets for some agency.

I urge you young guys to learn from mine and many others mistake in this regard. Moderators have been outed several times as die hard enemy. No Facebook Klanning period. 

Some of these sites like Facebook place all kinds of hidden virus and crap on your computer. Facebook tracks every keystoke. 

You have been warned! In the future all supporters of our cause will have a full social media review. If your Klanning on it, in your name! You will be shunned like a plague.

The only social networking site I’ve seen that works like it should is GAB.

Would some of you idiots please quit linking half the movement on Bookface and then leave your friends list wide damn open for everyone to see! 

We must adapt!

Awake Arise or be Forever Fallen

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