The Florida Shooter and his surrounding Community

Boy oh boy! The false Jews and their media puppets never quit. The SPLC and other Jewish outlets rushed to paint the mentally ill Florida school shooter as a White Nationalist. His last name should have been a clue, but hey, when your objective is to steer blame for basically anything upon ol Whitey, then who cares about the facts?

This shooter is a half breed mutt named Cruz and one of many reasons mixing the races against the laws of nature and God are bad.

This kid was screwed up from birth. He was raised in South Florida, home of the Pulse Nightclub. This area was long ago chosen by those who have taken control of the former Republic of America as a good place to turn us all into one muddy brown color.

Keep in mind all false Jews are forbidden to marry outside their race or contract. South Florida has been the chosen landing spot for the mongrel hordes for a long time.

This kid grew up in an area chock full of Homosexual deviants and race mixing mudshark whores.Hell who wouldn’t be crazy growing up in a world where your mothers prefer savages to men, and where men are surgically altered by witch doctors to be women? Welcome to south Florida home of Disney World

Where you hear 5 languages before American English. Disney has long been a favorite place for sick fags, it gives them a fertile hunting ground for children to molest into the gay lifestyle of mentally ill people. It’s also home of the Pulse Nightclub where one Muslim fag killed other Fags. Good riddance, God must have been speaking in that Muslim fags ear.

Vengeance will be mine saeth the Lord. Here’s a little word of wisdom to all South Florida Whites. Do not put your kids in school with the products of other race mixing whites.

We are commanded by God to not mix the races for a reason. Once the White bloodline is polluted by the blood of subhuman savages then your offspring will never be right. When you celebrate the deaths of these Homosexual deviants then build monuments to them, you should keep your eyes out for fire and brimstone.

Move from that third world country and let it rot! Draw a line across mid Florida and build a damn Wall. In short get your White Children away from these savages and Homosexual freaks before you wake up with some homicidal mentally ill, half breed grandson.

The best thing that could happen would be for God to bulldoze areas like Miami, Orlando and Hollywood. Read Soddom and Ghmorra and notice the red birds do not mix with the blue.

You curse your children by mixing the races, this kid never had a chance he was damned at birth.

There is a reason that the false Jew promotes race mixing, it makes it easier for them to control you once the Aryan Warrior blood in your veins is diluted with the blood of Savages.

I feel for the parents of any White child that was murdered by this mentally ill half breed nut, but you are also damning your White Children by raising them in this type of enviroment.

Someone needs to tell puppet Trump to makes sure part of his wall encircles Florida. The Florida State Militia needs to start protecting it’s borders from the massive hordes of seafaring Mongrels.

American White sheep are finally awakening to the evil plans of the NWO. They wish to dump the entire third world upon you so you will be forced to feed them. The drive is on to turn the entire world into slaves of the soon to be global IRS.

To do this, third world countries must be brought in line by a stranglehold of economics. This creates boatloads of aliens who flee to survive.

Long ago it started in Florida with Cubans as your tyrannical Federal Goverment has been trying to conquer the Cuban economy for decades. These people who wish to destroy America in its lust for a global NWO don’t give a damn about Florida or your children. You are just Goyim to be swept at the desire of Serpents after all.

Watch what I say, this half breed shooter will be classified in gun crime statistics as White. This is done by design to hide the fact that 80% of all gun crime is committed by non Whites.

We don’t have a gun problem we mostly have a black and brown with Guns problem. Only Whites should be able to own guns as by letting savages have them, this places your White Children in the bullseye of Mongrels with screwed up bloodlines and minds.

Any future wannabe mudsharking whore needs to get off the dope and quit sucking Savages cocks for drugs. Your damning your future children by mixing the White Aryan blood with subhumans and savages. Get off your knees and remember who you are.

There is also a reason our country is being flooded with man made drugs. It’s being done to cripple the White race by design, your CIA has already been exposed doing just that in the Iran Contra show.

They sell you dope white girl so they can use the money you paid them to finance more global conquest. The only time I think abortion is needed is when a white girl addicted to drugs bears little drug addicted mongrel children.

Get some self respect if God didn’t create it, it’s man made poision. Hell evidently the NWO Drugs of choice to destroy the White race ” Heroin, Meth and Cocaine” are not working fast enough, so they are now dumping new strains of flu on us.

You better wake the hell up Whitey before your daughter is sucking Meximutt cock for drugs or some mentally ill-half breed-cursed boy shoots you.

As always the true Klansmen and White Nationalists in the American Aryan Network will leave the light on just for you!

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