Impeachment-Second amendment will ring the bell of Revolution

I like most have seen the recent uptick in our Jewish controlled media who who want Gun Control, Impeachment and evidently Revolution.

Donald Trump is a man who i have not had much faith in since i saw him put on a Jew Beenie hat and pray to a wall, he was elected by the majority of Americans and you better believe most of those voters still have the faith.

Will the Communist agenda to impeach and bring in gun control ring the bell of Revolution and signal the start of the final battle? It just might! That is a scary thought, but Americans who for years now have been stripped of jobs and who witnessed the NWO plan to destabilize our country with third world immigrants at the same time are seriously pissed off.

Today it was reveled that the Florida Governor wants to restrict guns for people that some liberal Communist will deem”violent” or mentally ill.

That is coded speech for seizing the guns of people who dont agree with them! His plan would also elimimate adults from 18 to 21 from being able to purchase a gun period. Thats makes this Florida bastard a Tyrant of the highest order.

It’s fools like this Floridian who’s lust for Federal office and the media camera who may ring the bell of Revolution. Trumps impeachment will be the match. Are you ready? Most are not.

It would not take much for this to happen as the warning signs have been growing brighter for the last 4 generations. It will happen when the urban ghettos which were caused by Government handouts to the black and brown races for votes realize they have been screwed by the Democratic Communist party when our economy collapses and they are starving, combined with Republicans and your average American who voted for the only man who at the time did not sound like a controlled puppet in Donald Trump who now realize their vote does not count for real. They cling to their Bibles and Guns for good reason.

The inner city savages will come to the country with their pocket pistols and knives. They will need to rob and kill you for the food in your freezer and the cows in the field.

At this point the book the Turner Diarys becomes real. Again are you ready? You have time to prepare if you have just awoken from your mind controlled slumber, but you better get moving.

First if you do not have a gun go buy one for every member of your family. These need to be certain calibers and it would benifit you to have one of each in

5.56, 308, 9 mil, 40 cal and 12 gauge. Purchase a 22 rimfire rifle to kill small game to feed your family. It’s not a loud rifle, the type that will alert the roaming bands of future cannibals.

Start stockpiling can foods and learn to can your own food in mason jars. Buy rabbits and chickens and learn how to raise them. Get things to barter with like Ciggs and Whisky. Don’t buy into the Gold and Silver bullshit as a starving man can not eat nor shoot it.

Don’t concern yourself with storing gas, as thats the first thing they will cut off along with electricity and running water. Cars will be useless and easily seen targets. Get a Bicycle or Horse.

Start networking with others of the White race who are awakened now! Bottled water may not be a bad idea as our water sources will soon be contaminated with blood, dead bodys and depleted Uranium from the carpet bombs. Water filters will be a must, so will a radio.

If you live in the city close to the future cannibilistic hordes, get out now while you still have time. The further you are away from those who will come to eat your daughter the better.

Teach your kids to shoot and fortify your homes. Houses will be targets for the hordes who are starving so build some type of underground shelter as you wont be able to stay in your home long as you will run out of ammo trying to defend it.

Speaking of ammo, stockpile as much as you can in the calibers i suggested as thats what others will have and you can take it off their corpses or get it off the back of a Humvee. Having some gun that you can not find ammo for makes it a club, not a gun.

Work with those who you network with in setting up a plan for when the shit hits the fan. Sounds gloomy i know, but you better be prepared or you will be sorry. Watching people eat your family before they eat you will be a bad way to die.

The show Walking Dead may soon be a reality. Hey, the Jews in Hollyweird know whats coming so maybe that show was made as some type of sick joke for the future survivors.

The language the Florida Tyrant put out ” Violent” and “Mentally ill” better awaken you White boy. I assure you anyone who does not subscribe to their way of thinking is mentally ill, and something as simple as doing what our founding fathers did by hunting deer or game will be considered violent behaviour by rabid liberal communists who long ago swallowed the hook.

All White Nationalists and any race that has ever spoken out or protested Zog in any fashion will be considered mentally ill.

I never thought i would see times as bad as they are now, our colleges and schools are to blame along with our media propaganda machine. The public school system is nothing more than Government and Liberal Communist brainwashing schools today.

Case in point is the Florida shooter himself, he is a mentally deranged half breed Jew and Latino. The Jews at the ADL rushed to print he was a White Nationalist before the truth came out that he’s a Jew and this proves the vipers at the ADl’s true agenda.

The school in which this animal attended is built in the image of diversity. Its full of false Jews who are not Americans and never were who are attempting to flee the taxes of their home turf of the New York City area. Florida has no state income tax.

The kid being a mixed race mongral did not fit in with the Jews nor the Browns nor the White cucks. He was an outcast and damned from birth. I find it almost laughable that the sheep keep harping about the FBI innaction concerning this animal. Folks wake up, the FBI has been persucuting Americans for it’s master since its creation. The goal is to destabilze our country and snuff out the resistance. We are simply considered slaves who must bow to the Iron Heel and who are being forced through the illegal implementation of Federal Income tax to finance there global conquest and New World Order.

When we resist, the Jack Booted thugs are sent in. They even created a special law to use against you and that is lying to the FBI. Never say a word to the FBI as surly they will consider it a lie. So much for the first amendment and now the second is firmly in the serpents sights.

I give a salute to all my future diagnosed Mentally ill pro white American patriots! It has been a pleasure and an honor to have served with you in our struggle against Tyranny and Oppresion. I have no doubt in my mind that some agent of Tyranny will one day shoot me in the back as i feed my chickens and it’s something i have accepted as to not resist Tyranny simply is not in my DNA. I have ancestors on both sides who fought in the American Revolution and the Waller family was instrumental in the founding of this country as it was a Waller after all involved in whats known as the ” Wallers plot” to overthrow the Tyrant king of England. He was a direct ancestor of mine. My line can be traced to the year 1066.

The plot failed and my line sailed away from the English Tyrants to Jamestown and the Chesapeake bay area to help build a country free of the type of Tyranny we see today.

I urge you whites to listen to me, the end is near and you better get ready as we will not now, nor ever, give up our guns. Start preparing and pay close attention to our economy as it has been propped up on a stick above a hole and its about to collapse.

All of our Gold and Silver was stolen by the Jews and White puppets through President Roosevelt long ago. They are bringing in the third world hordes to force you to feed them as we have not had a great war to control the population for a long time.

They wish to control the world now and rob it of all its riches now that the destruction of America is almost complete. You Goyim will be bombed into oblivion who resist. Gun control and confiscation is the last step and it’s here.

That was the bell we have been warned to listen for long ago by American Patriots like Louis Beam, Bob Mathews and William Pierce and its ringing loudly. Those of the White race who were born into the brainwashing of today who once hated the Republic of America and the way we were founded, I say to you we will be here when you awaken and we will forgive and love you as if you never strayed down the road the sheep have been taught to travel.

The destruction of our family system that started after the second war for independence was lost in 1865 is to blame. I’m lucky in that my family line has always been American Patriots and the lessons they learned and the truth they possesed was passed from my family lines lips to my ear. Most Whites today do not even know who there Great Grandparents were much less the battles and hardship they endured to give you this land. You only know what you are taught and sadly most were taught to be puppets because the school is now the teacher, not your family.

Most family’s never had time to teach you anything as long ago they had to start working 84 hours a week in the world the vipers stole from us. Mothers use to be the cornerstone and teacher of your personal family history and its struggle for freedom. Today our mothers are forced to work 84 hrs a week alongside our fathers to survive, so it was left to the public fool system to teach you and teach you they did. They taught you to be a sheep and to hate your White race and the way our country was founded.

None of it really matters now, as soon we will be fighting to survive. Your family’s future history will only depend on the actions of todays people. That’s you White boy. So as we prepare to endure the hardships that are coming know this, the future your children live in will depend on you, you can roll over like a true sheep and offer your neck to the blade or you can resist. The choice is yours. There is still enough White Aryan blood left in this country to mount one hell of resistance, but it must awaken and awaken mighty damn fast. There are no more islands to sail to friends, and that makes whats coming the true final battle for the very existence of your race and the freedom we cheerish.

I’m not sure of how long i have in this world as i have been speaking loudly to awaken White American sheep. I feel my time is near, as mine and others who are like me, well our speech is seen by those trying to put the final nails in the White race and Americas coffin as a problem for their agenda.

I have no doubts those like me will be seen as a problem for the NWO and some back shooting thug will be sent to snuff us out or they decide to declare anyone who resists the NWO agenda as ” mentally ill.”

As we join in this future struggle being forced upon us, I will leave you with this advise, do not fire the first shot as history will be written to paint us as the instigators of the final battle not the victims. Don’t play into Zogs hand, Just prepare and wait as it doesnt look like we will be waiting long. Do not light the match but be ready to snuff out Tyranny once and for all when its lit.

I wish all the White American Patriots and the resistance to the Tyranny well. We have fought the honorable fight, we have paid a heavy price but there is not a doubt in my mind that God will judge us as anything but rightous men. Our courage and determination to resist the evil tyrants of this world will be blessed by God upon our future generations as disobedience to Tyranny is obedience to God.

I have no regrets, I have no sense that i traveled the wrong road. I would do it all over again and start earlier if i had a second chance. Neither should you. Hold your head high Patriots and fight till they pry our guns from your cold dead hands. Unlike our Confederate Ancestors we must fight till the end. We must not be suckered like General Lee into a false sense of our future. We have witnessed the lie Lincoln gave Lee. We have seen the lie and what they did to our country, we must fight till the bitter end this time. Prepare your children and yourself for the final battle and start now!

Until we meet up yonder to stare down at the tyrants in Hell, i say to you that it has been a pleasure and an honor to have served with you in the struggle to take back our country from the vipers and tyrants.

Heil Victory

Disobedience to Tyranny is Obedience to God

Your brother in our struggle

Brent Waller

typed on my phone 2/24/2018

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