The Fags are coming to Starkville and Mississippi State University

Here comes the Fags and Pedophiles

Here we go again, Homosexual deviants are coming to town! Stay away from Starkville Mississippi as a multitude of HIV will soon be in one spot. I urge city leaders to disinfect the streets with bleach if God doesnt send in Fire and Brimstone to do the job.

The followers of Satan who practise the disgusting filthy act of Sodomy sought a permit to parade, but the good Christian leaders of Starkville who have not bowed to the sins of Faggotry denied it.

Here comes Roberta Kaplan

A well-known attorney who won a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case in 2013 that extended spousal benefits to the Soddomites.

She is, you guessed it, another outside Jew who works at Kaplan and Company in New York City.

The Jew seeks to destroy our country and evidently Homosexuality is ok in their Tora. I find it laughable that anyone considers these false Jews religious. They own the Hollywood porn industry after all.

This Jew thinks she smells money by bringing a lawsuit against StarkVegas. She forgot she’s coming to Mississippi where we still cling to our Bibles.

Kaplan is no stranger to Mississippi. She has litigated other gay-rights cases in the state, including a challenge, thus far unsuccessful, to a law that lets some government workers and business people cite religious objections to refuse services to Homosexuals and Pedophiles.

She will lose again. Starkville Mayor Lynn Spruill supports the Fags which is something we will remind the voters of Starkville of at election time. She’s a White cuck who thinks shes supporting diversity when in actuality she supports sin, disease and mental illness.

Our state has been under attack from Jews and Jewish New York City money over our resistance to the Sin of Homosexuality and our state flag.

Mississippians will never bow to Homosexuality nor the outside Jews who push it to destroy America. It looks like its time to wake up Starkville with fliers again. This issue was brought to our attention by God fearing Mississippi State students.

Kaplan and the Jews from New York are on a mission to destroy America but like most Jews it is money they seek. They are fighting a losing battle in the Magnolia state.

Some may want to protest, but be careful as we saw in Mobile Alabama these Soddomites like to spit at you and they are the number one cause and carriers of Aids. Definatly keep your children away from Starkville and the pedophiles who walk among the mentally ill perverts.

Kaplan and her kind are not welcome here. Go back to Israel and destroy it with your Homosexual agenda. Starkville needs to stand firm against outside lawsuits from the bowels of Lucifer.

Attempts to bring our Mississippi children into your perverted lifestyle will always be resisted. We do not fear you, we fear God. One day you will too, right before you burn in Hell.

Last i checked Blacks and Fags have us under a boycott which has not worked. We don’t piss upon our ancestors graves nor God.

The Southern Poverty Law center should hire this false Jew Kaplin as she would fit in well with the other Jews and Homos over there. Her and Hedi would make a good couple.

Stand fast Mississippians, read your bibles as Homosexuality is a sin and resistance to such is obedience to God. Starkville please do a good job of disinfecting your town when they leave as our kids go to your college.

Policemen should be careful as the Jew will have many eyes watching you in Starkville hoping to file additional lawsuites for Satan.

Churches should not hold service to pray for them. Pray them out of your town if anything. We have eyes in Starkville, so i ask all AAN members to stay home.

Stand fast Mississippi!

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