Pocahontas Lands in China

My oh my, can someone please explain to me why Pocahontas is in China? Who is paying for it? This lady is nothing but a fraud. The Democratic Party is so controlled by the NWO they send out their own representatives to act is if they are on legitamite Diplomatic duty!

Ms Warren, you should be home, not overseas attempting to subvert the legally elected President. She should be tried in court and hanged for Treason! Fetch the rope.

A day of reckoning must come for the Democratic puppets of the New World Order. They are no more than enemy combatants nowadays who are using every thing they can to subvert American Elections.

President Trump, quit pussyfooting around and make America Great Again! Get us a real Attorney General and start trying these folks for Treason. Set up entire fields of hangman stages and start pulling the lever. Start with the FBI and CIA and Congressional puppets doing the duty of their masters. Ms Warren and her kind who are attempting to talk to foreign country’s in an attempt to subvert the legally elected President is Treason of the highest order. What are you waiting for President Trump? For them to impeach you?

All of this Russia bullshit is simply the NWO attempt at keeping you inline, quit playing their game. Fire Robert Muller first, rebuild the FBI or eliminate it all together. Veto all bills until we get a border.

Many of us think our entire government is just a dog and pony show and just a sham. We have good reason to think this. If not, why do you allow people like Pocahontas to subvert your authority? Why do you allow enemy combatants inside the FBI to attempt to overthrow you? You just signed a massive defense bill that will do nothing to secure America. They will use this money for more global conquest that will put more American lives in danger from the Muslims and others who are resisting the final push by the NWO to take control of their nations money!

Many on my side think you are just an actor nothing more or less, if this is not the case, then why are you allowing the games they play? You could declare Martal law in all border states who refuse to abide by our immigration policys.

Make an example out of Pocahontas, try her fraudulent ass for Treason. If Sessions won’t do it, fire his ass. Americans have had enough. Why not just stop all trade with China? This one action would put millions of Americans back to work. Last I checked, China is a Communist country, we shouldn’t be trading with a system we could never compete with in the first damn place!

Screw tariffs just stop all trade. We can’t buy American if American companys are forced to compete with Communist dictatorships who basically use slavery to make its products. People who must make an honest wage will never be able to compete with such.

American backs are against the Wall Trump. Give us relief or Revolution caused by your inability to do your job will be your legacy.

Pocahontas has commited Treason President Trump. Fetch the rope!

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