UDWK is built upon the foundation of the original first era Klan, and reborn atop Stone Mountain GA in 1915. We practise Klancraft to the Knighthood or K Duo level. Our main priority though is not books, it’s preserving a future for our race and children,as such we are true White Knights and are the most politically active order in the business.

Our national office is located in the great southern state of Mississippi. Our state is the only state in which the stars and bars of the Confederate flag are still a part of our state flag. Mississippi has always been the battleground of resistance to tyranny. Many of the battles of the 1960s and during the second war for independence that ended in 1865 were fought here.
Out of the ashes of the great war, a noble order of White men rose to continue the resistance to tyranny, unjust Federal law, and the foreign agenda that removes God from this nation. Although General Forrest disbanded the Ku Klux Klan, our order continues on the similar path of resistance.

We no longer attach Ku Klux Klan to our name for legal reasons and Government listings. Our causes are similar, we seek to restore this nation to its original founding as a republic. To achieve this goal we are very involved in politics, getting our message out through the media, and distributing literature.

We are led by the elected Imperial Wizard Brent Waller and governed by a three man board. We still wear the sacrad robes of our ancestors, but often do things in public in suit and tie or a patched vest. We do not do documentary’s for Johnny Jew and your security is our number one priority. We seek to restore this nation by any means necessary and believe men like Louis Beam, Bob Mathews and Sam Bowers were on the right path but had given up on the political path .

Some list us as a Conservative Klan, as we won’t be limited to who we will work with, but we are not a Conservative Klan, we are the closest thing to the original that exists today. We no longer use the name Ku Klux Klan as it is listed as a Domestic Terrorist organization, this fact is something you should consider before joining any group foolish enough to put Ku Klux Klan in it’s legal name.

We have members from all walks of life. We are built for the future, not the past. Most of these groups today calling themselves Klan are far from it, don’t be fooled by slick websites, failed old groups,  Chameleons, and a leader who only wants your money while he hides his head in the sand. I can count the true Klan organizations on one hand and don’t you believe these famous enemy hate map listings, they need a boogyman for their ponzie scheme. Many groups on that list only exist online and in SPLC minds.

I see so called Klans today hugging negros, making fools of themselves on documentary’s paid for by the ADL, allowing negros into Klaverns and Crosslightings. Let me speak frankly, the UDWK maintains the original intent of the Ku Klux, we are proud pro white activists. We do not play politically correct for anyone, and until the day we drive the spear of God, the American Republic and common sense through our enemies hearts, we will leave the light on for them.

Beware what you join today! My name is Brent Waller, I’m a father, husband, and American welder. I’m a former Sons of Confederate Veterans camp commander and Mississippi Division recruiter of the year and a lifelong registered Republican. I have traveled all over this nation. I do not run, I do not hide and believe strongly in taking the political fight to our enemy’s. I grew up in Laurel Mississippi and have met many of the men you heard about in movies of the civil rights era, like Sam Bowers.

Almost every friend I had in school, had a father, uncle or grandfather in the White Knights of Mississippi. I also have family ties to the original United Klans of America. From the day I was born, until today,  I have learned the lessons of men like Bowers, and the wisdom of my grandfather. In short I’m in it to win it, and believe strongly that our newly elected President should continue to swing his hammer. We must purge this land of foreign influence, regain control of our money, build a strong border wall, limit or eliminate immigration, and purge our country and Supreme Court of liberal whack jobs, Jews, homosexuals and foreign agendas.

If you feel the same way join us today!