Alabama Grand Dragon’s Pulpit

Call to Action

Good Evening Bothers and Sisters. I come to you with a message. A call to action for you to do your duty not only to yourself but for your race, for your family, and your ancestors. It is live or die! We must reclaim what it is that our forefathers built, what our forefathers discovered and our country that our forefathers who settled this land and died for this soil built. We must drive our enemy’s and these false Jews into the ocean! We must re-claim this land for ourselves and for our children and for our own future. Stand like a man and be counted for once we are counted and we have achieved our full potential nothing can stop us. This is what the enemy is truly scared of! A full on White Aryan army because they know and we know that we are the dominant ones. This is truly why you see our movement being hated so much on the news because they know that if we come together as one, we truly will be the most supreme and superior race in the entire world because our brotherhood is that strong. If we stand together we have nothing to fear. They cannot take our guns, they cannot take our homes, they cannot tax us to death, and they cannot force us to live with these mongrels who are destroying our cities, raping our women and stealing from us constantly, and all the while they still blame the White man. We must stand and be counted and we will have to fight no more, we will finally have peace.

The way I see it is we have one choice and that is to align together as a true White nation for if we continue down the path of mixed culture and multicultural society, then we will always have conflict. For as long as we let Hollywood push this homosexuality, multiculturalism, pornography and diversity onto our children the longer and the harder it is going to be to come back from it. We should stand now and be counted and drive Hollywood and it’s jews and it’s faggots and whores all the way out into the ocean, then we will have no more fighting and we won’t have people talking about our ancestors the way they do. We won’t have people on TV saying things about White people on every TV network show. You won’t have people taking down your monuments you won’t have people questioning your religion your ideas or your ancestors. The only requirement for us now is to stand and do our duty to our people, our race and our families. We must create the great Aryan Yeoman horde for global Aryan victory.


We must no longer let these people do this to us because it’s killing us. Louis Beam said one time there is no black power there is no jewish dominance there is only White weakness, because where there is White power or dominance there can be no other power. This statement has proven true time and again throughout history as we have seen when the white man comes together we build great cities and places like Rome and America. We built America but sadly today in America we have White men just giving up what his ancestors fought so hard and bled for on this very soil here in Alabama. Oh if your great great Grandfather could see you now he would die three times over. We have descendents of our former slaves telling us what to do with our history and our people! They look down on you when they should be so grateful they are not in Africa with their cousins dyeing from aids and living in mud shacks with no drinkable water for 5 miles. If we do not act now sure enough it will only get worse as their population increases and ours decreases. You have but one choice and that is to rise and be counted, do your duty, and maybe die like hero’s for your people.


I Dream of a White Nation.


Stonewall Jackson

Grand Dragon of Alabama