Antifa= Anti First Amendment

Published from Essays of a Mississippi Klansman

April 17, 2017

Recently another clash between Antifa scum and Trump supporters broke out in the left wing Communist liberal stronghold of Berkeley California. As usual the police are on the side of the Communist scum and did not intervene. So the supporters of American President Donald Trump fought back and fought back hard.

It’s kind of amusing to a Klansman like me to see the same people who label us cowards because of the facemask attached to our hoods also wearing masks. Whose the coward now? They are goons dressed in all black led by pornstar Louise Rosealma who was a hairymuff pornstar nicknamed Venus Rosealma

She made the mistake of hitting Nathan Damigo leader of Identity Evropa, which much like us, is listed by the Jews and queers at the Southern poverty law center ponzi scheme as a hate group. Mr Damigo who has succumbed to the liberal gender equality bullshit, Lol! Yeah right!Knocked her flat on her skanky pornstar ass.

Heil Damigo! I don’t know about you but I have seen enough of this crap, if the liberal scum who want to drive our country straight to hell want a war, I say take the gloves off and give em everything they dish out back 1000 fold!

You can witness this pornstar skank getting what she deserves at this link

Nasty skank gets knocked out

Evidently she came to fight like a man and since in Berkeley it’s difficult to tell the difference between men and women, then who could fault Mr. Damigo for not seeing this skank was a woman. I do hope Mr Damigo put some serious germex on his hand as there is no telling what diseases that mouth picked up bobbing knobbs in the Jewish porn industry.

These Antifa bastards have become emboldened in liberal strongholds like Berkeley. They are anti first amendment- pro communists, most are convicted felons. I really don’t see the need for pro Trump rally’s as he was elected the American President easily. I myself am not sold on Trump yet. He uses our old Klan slogan of America first, but does he really mean it? Time will tell, so I will withhold judgment for now.

We have witnessed Antifa using butcher knives, pepper spray, sticks and attacking people in vicious hordes reminiscent of a pack of rabid dogs! Now what do you think those police would do if Klansmen or other legitamite White Nationalist groups showed up with weapons? I can tell you, we would still be sitting our asses in jail.

California seems to have lost all of it’s common sense, except for the patriotic Americans who are resisting this scum, most Californians seem ok with paying for the entire third world to move there. My oh my what damn fools they are. Donald Trump needs to start at one end of California with deportation buses and the National Guard and move toward the other.

It’s no secret why Democrats are pro illegal invader, the Democrats want their votes! Now I want you to let that sink in for a moment, Americans called Democrats are selling your country down the drain for votes to stay in power! It’s sickening! They are knowingly selling there own children’s future for votes that will one day put Jaun and Jose’s future before there own.

Many brainwashed white cucks are voting for their own demise! It disgusts me to my core. We should use such for cannon fodder on the front lines of this upcoming Korean war. I call on all White business owners to stop hiring any known Antifa scum, I don’t want Klansmen to get involved in these protests and rally’s as I see them as counter productive, but don’t you ever stand back and be a victim of Communists like these Antifa scum.

All Whites need to review the laws in their states and start open carrying pistols if the law in your state allows it. Get your wife a pistol permit, and teach her how to use it. A war is being waged for the very soil under our feet and it’s time Whites awaken to this fact.

Get your kids out of these public schools, and move to safer white areas. Without Whites, most of these savages and mongrals would soon resort to cannibalism. Look at what they did to Detroit, it resembles Africa and Allepo today. 

You Whites better listen to me, A war that will make our American Civil War look like child’s play is coming. We must band together and practise the 14 words uttered by David Lane ” We must secure an existence for our race and a future for White children.”

Men like Louis Beam and Bob Mathews tried to awaken others to what was coming years ago, now it’s on our doorsteps brothers. You will not survive by being a lone wolf, matter of fact, you will be the first to be eaten by roaming hordes of cannibalistic savages.

The series the Walking dead could become a reality in America very soon.

Think about this

Our money system is being propped up, We are on the verge of WW3 and the NWO are pouring third world scum that they wish not to pay for, into all White country’s. Only White Country’s have forced immigration. It’s all going to come crashing down, the question is not IF but WHEN!

So what can you do? You can join your white brothers and sisters who only bow to God who are in the Klan. Join the UDWK or other Klans in the American Alliance of Klans today! Help us awaken others and prepare for the hell that is coming.  You better wake up Whitey, before these Antifa scum you see in liberal cesspools like Berkeley are standing on your doorstep to rob you of the food in your freezer.

The Jackboots of Federal Tyranny have long ago sold the future of your children to the false Jews and others who make up the NWO crowd for a few Sheckles and political power. We are all slaves to the dollar and the IRS, even the foolish Yankee Whites whose ancestors followed a tyrant named Lincoln and his master’s.

One day we will build monuments to men like John Wilkes Booth, Bob Mathews, Sam Bowers, Byron Dela Beckwith and maybe a few of the glorious Patriots who are building up the resistance today. If your on the fence take a look at Berkeley, do you see the police defending the peaceful protesters practicing their first amendment rights? Hell no, and let their silence be the warning sound for the White Aryan race for whom the bell tolls.

Only the blood that flows through the veins of the White Aryan race stand in the way of the loss of the soil under your feet, I beg of you to awaken, as we must Fight! Fight! Fight! Or get ready to roll over and die!

What do we Want! White Power!!!! When do we need it? Now!

This message is published by the United Dixie White Knights, and brought to you from the Sovereign state of Mississippi.

IW Waller

United Dixie White Knights

American Alliance of Klans