Aryan books of interest

The Black death written by Andrew Grayson. This is a powerful book that should be read by all White Nationalists here is the PDF file.

The Vigelantees of Christedom by Richard Kelly Hoskins. Simply put the best book I’ve ever read many of the truths of Religion and History can be found here.

How the Jews Betrayed Mankind, Volume 1, The Sumerian Swindle

How the Jews Betrayed Mankind, Volume 2, The Monsters of Babylon

This website ” The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”

Contains the PDF files of several books written by William Pierce, George Lincoln Rockwell among others.

Titles such as the Turner Diarys and Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti – Hesketh Prichard – Free PDF Download can be found here. I’m reading the Pritchard Book now.