Ayran Martyrs and Soldiers

Edgar Ray Killen

Aryan Soldier and WKOM Kludd Edgar Ray Killen passed away in Parchman Penitentiary at the age of 92 just days from his 93rd birthday. He was retried 38 years later after his first trial and on the words of Chameleons who had infiltrated the Klan and was convicted. He now rests in the Empire Invisible with his brothers Beckwith and Bowers. Here’s a link about his passing.


Edgar Ray’s jury was a setup job. It was Edgar and the WKOM that taught the False Jew that playing games in Dixie could be deadly. Killen was a preacher making him a true Phinas Priest. So long Edgar Ray, We will drink a toast in your honor tonight and light the cross on Confederate memorial day in your honor.

Non Silba Sed Anthar
Robert Jay Mathews

Bob Mathews was a true Aryan Soldier till the end. He started out in the Anti tax Protest groups and eventually founded ” The Order” or the “Silent Brotherhood” He was murdered by 75 FBI agents at his home.

Robert Jay Mathews’ Last Letter

For the past decade I have been a resident of Northern Pend Oreille County. When I first arrived in Metaline Falls, I had only twenty-five dollars to my name, a desire to work hard and be left alone, and the dream of someday acquiring my own small farm.
During my three years at the mine and seven years at the cement plant, I can safely say that I was known as a hard worker. I stayed out of the bars and pretty much kept to myself. Anyone who is familiar with Boundary Dam Road knows how my late father and I carved a beautiful place out of the woods.
All of the goals I had when I arrived were accomplished but one … I was not left alone.
Within months of my arrival the FBI went to the mine office and tried to have me fired from my job. I was working in the electrical department at the time and my foreman, fortunately, had a deep and lasting dislike for the Feds. He was informed of the situation by the mine secretary. Had it been the mine manager instead of the secretary that the Government goons talked to, I would have lost my job.
This campaign of harassment and intimidation began because of my involvement in the Tax Rebellion Movement from the time I was fifteen to twenty years old. The Government was on me so much in Arizona that during one incident when I was eighteen, IRS agents shot at me for nothing more than a misdemeanor tax violation.
I left Arizona and the Tax Rebellion when I was twenty. I left not out of fear of the IRS or because of submission to their tyranny, but because I was thoroughly disgusted with the American people. I maintained then as I do now, that our people have devolved into some of the most cowardly, sheepish, degenerates that have ever littered the face of this planet.
I had hoped to start a new life in the state of Washington, but the ruling powers had other plans for me. When I learned of their highly illegal attempt to have me fired, I wrote s letter to their Seattle office and told them “I would take no more, to leave me alone, or I would respond in such a way that could be very painful to certain agents,(After the letter they gradually started to let me be.)
I soon settled down to marriage, clearing my land, and reading. Reading became an obsession with me. I consumed volume upon volume on subjects dealing with history, politics and economics. I was especially taken with Spengler’s “Decline if the West” and “Which Way Western Man?”. I also subscribed to numerous periodicals on current American problems, especially those concerned with the ever increasing decline of White America. My knowledge of ancient European history started to awaken a wrongfully suppressed emotion buried deep within my soul, that of racial pride and consciousness.
The stronger my love for my people grew, the deeper became my hatred for those who would destroy my race, my heritage, and darken the future of my children. By the time my son had arrived, I realized that White America, indeed my entire race, was headed for oblivion unless White men rose and turned the tide. The more I came to love my son the more I realized that unless things changed radically, by the time he was my age, he would be a stranger in his own land, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Aryan in a country populated mainly by Mexicans, mulattoes, blacks and Asians. His future was growing darker by the day.
I came to learn that this was not by accident, that there is a small, cohesive alien group within this nation working day and night to make this happen. I learned that these culture distorter’s have an iron grip on both major political parties, on Congress, on the media, on the publishing houses, and on most of the major Christian denominations in this nation, even though these aliens subscribe to a religion which is diametrically opposed to Christianity.
These are the same people who Ex-Senator William J. Fulbright and the late General Brown tried to warn us about. Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg tried vainly to warn us also. Had we been more vigilant, my son’s future would not be so dark and dismal.
Thus I have no choice. I must stand up like a White man and do battle. A secret war has been developing for the last year between the regime in Washington and an ever growing number of White people who are determined to regain what our forefathers discovered, explored, conquered, settled, built and died for.
The FBI has been able to keep this war secret only because up until now we have been doing nothing more than growing and preparing. The government, however, seems determined to force the issue, so we have no choice left but to stand and fight back. Hail Victory!
It is at this point that I wish to address the multitude of lies that the federals have been telling about Gary Lee Yarbrough and myself. Gary did not “ambush” any agents. For weeks prior to this incident they had been harassing Gary, following him everywhere, even to the hospital to visit his gravely ill daughter. The day of the mythical ambush Gary was out in his yard when he saw a forest service truck driving across his property in obvious disregard to the numerous no trespassing signs scattered about his land. He yelled at the truck to stop but it kept coming towards his house until it crashed into and destroyed a gate. At this point Gary fired warning shots into the air and the truck drove away. That … was the big ambush.
The newspapers are saying now that Gary not only ambushed three agents but that he hit three of them. Gary did not even realize that they were FBI at the time, which is fortunate for them because Gary is an expert marksman and had he decided to ambush the FBI he easily could have killed every fed within range of his weapon.
It was until 8:00 p.m. that night that Gary realized what was actually taking place. That is when approximately thirty agents drove up to Gary’s house. Gary and a young house guest went outside to investigate the commotion. When the Feds started yelling at Gary he dropped to the ground and rolled into a ditch behind the line of government vehicles. The young house guest went running back into Gary’s residence. After waiting for three hours the FBI used Gary’s wife as a shield and a hostage and went into the house. What brave men they are!
As incredulous as it sounds Gary laid in the ditch behind the agents for five hours with his gun aimed at their backs. Had Gary really wanted to ambush these invaders then that was a wonderful opportunity to do so. Gary chose instead to give them quarter, something he would later come to regret. Gary eventually slipped out of the ditch and into the woods. The incompetence of these gun toting bureaucrats never ceases to amaze me. Especially after their attempted ambush and murder of myself in a Portland motel. First, let me say that the FBI was not there to arrest Gary but to ambush me. They didn’t even know that Gary was in the room. The only reason they were able to find me was because a trusted friend in Room 14 was actually a traitor and an informant. The FBI has vast resources and the latest technology but the quality of their agents is going down hill with every new recruit. That’s because most of the best White men in this country are starting to realize that to be an FBI agent is to be nothing more than a mercenary for the ADL and Tel Aviv.
When I stepped out of my motel room that morning, a gang of armed men came running at me. None of the men had uniforms on and the only thing they said was “Stop, you bastard”. At this, I yelled at Gary who was still inside and I leaped down the stairwell and took off running into the parking lot. A woman agent shot at my back and the bullet missed and hit the motel manager.
I rounded the corner of the motel and took off down the hill into a residential area. After running for two blocks I decided to quit being the hunted and become the hunter. I drew my gun and waited behind a concrete wall for the agents to draw near. When I aimed my gun at the closest agent I saw the handsome face of a young White man and lowered my aim to his knee and his foot. Had I not done so I could have killed both agents and still had the use of my hand which is now mangled beyond repair and which I might very well lose altogether. That is the last time I will ever give quarter.
As for the traitor in Room 14, we will eventually find him. If it takes ten years and we have to travel to the far ends of the earth we will find him. And true to our oath when we do find him, we will remove his head from his body.
I have no regrets or apologies to make for Gary or myself. In fact, I am proud that we had the courage and the determination to stand up and fight for our race and our heritage at a time in history when such a deed is called a crime and not an act of valor. Approximately nine moths ago the FBI went to my house while I was away and threatened my two year ld son. That was a very big mistake on their part. After the Portland shootout they went to my house and threatened my sixty-three year old mother. Such brave men they are.! I am not going into hiding, rather I will press the FBI and let them know what it is like to become the hunted. Doing so it is only logical to assume that my days on this planet are rapidly drawing to a close. Even so, I have no fear. For the reality of my life is death, and the worst the enemy can do to me is shorten my tour of duty in this world.

I will leave knowing that I have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the future of my children.

As always, for blood, soil, honor, for faith and for race.

Robert Jay Mathews’
Robert Jay Mathews was killed in action fighting for over 24 hours in the midst of a hail of bullets and surrounded by over 75 government agents on Whidbey Island in December 1984. The Federal dogs eventually set fire to the cabin with the aid of a helicopter gunship, burning Robert Matthews alive with weapon in hand. He remained faithful to our cause until the end.
Source http://davidlane1488.com/rjmlastletter.html

Byron De La Beckwith

Byron De La Beckwith was born November 9th 1920 in Colusa, California. He was the son of a postworker and after his father passed away from pneumonia his Mother moved him to the Greenwood, Mississippi area to be near her family.

It was on Mississippi soil that a young Beckwith was introduced to the ” Black Death” that exits in the Mississippi Delta and the differences in our White and Black races. His mother passed away when he was 12 years old from lung cancer leaving young Beckwith to be raised by his uncle William Yerger.

In January 1942, De La Beckwith enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, serving as a machine gunner in the Pacific theater of World War II. He fought in the Battle of Guadalcanal and was shot in the waist during the Battle of Tarawa. De La Beckwith was honorably discharged in August 1945.

After the war Beckwith married had a son and divorced and later married again. Beckwith became a salesman of Fertilizer and traveled the Ms dirt roads in his car making his rounds and becoming in tune with other Mississippians regarding the recent Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision that as we see today destroyed our once shining public schools.

Beckwith soon joined the White Citizens Council’s that were springing up as a result of our NWO controlled Supreme Courts decision. It was during this time that he met Imperial Wizard Sam Bowers and took the oath as a Klansman in the White Knights of Mississippi based in Laurel.

On January 12, 1963 the Phinas Priest assassinated a Jewish Puppet, a Negro named Medgar Evers. He was tried twice in 1964. During this time the Jewish control of Mississippis propaganda machines on TV and in the Newspaper was not yet complete. As such Beckwith received two hung jurries.

In 1966 Beckwith along with other Aryan soldiers was ordered to appear before the “House Unamerican Activity’s Committee.”This so called committee was the Jewish response to Southern resistance to Desegregation. He stated his name then pled the 5th.

In 1967 he sought to be elected as Mississippis Lieutenant Governor but lost the election on the Democratic ticket which is basically a front for the Jews to keep black puppets voting for their own demise.

In the following years Beckwith along with many other Klansmen became disgusted with the many moles the Jews sent into the Klan, these men were the lowest lot in life men like Delmar Dennis and Billy Roy Pitts. These were men of no honor who betrayed their oaths and cause under distress. So Beckwith and others soon became members of the Phinas Priesthood which adhers to the truths of Christian Identity teaching.

In 1973, these Moles and Chameleons who by now had infiltrated the Phinas Priesthood reported to their false Jewish masters that Beckwith was headed to New Orleans to send A.I. Botnick or whatever the serpent called himself who was the director of the New Orleans-based B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, to hell with his father.

The false Jews tipped off the local police and Beckwiths car was stopped on the Causway bridge going into New Orleans. He was tried by jury and sent to Angola Prison and served three years. He was paroled in 1980. Before going to prison he became an ordained minister at Temple Memorial Baptist Church in Knoxville Tennessee.

In 1994, Beckwith was tried by a White puppet of Zog named Bobby Delaughter. Delaughter an ambitious sellout of the white race sought to retry Beckwith for the Medgar Evers shooting. Beckwith by this time was in frail health and close to 80 years old. This did not matter to Delaughter or the Jews at the Clarion ledger who trumped up fake evidence and produced perjuring Chameleons who were never really Klansmen in the first place, these whores simply wore the white robes of the Klan to serve the false Jew. In front of a stacked jury, Beckwith was found guilty in complete disregard for the right to a fair and speedy trial as garunteed by the US Constitution.

Beckwith a true Aryan soldier passed away in 1980 in Oxford Mississippi. It is in the Empire Invisible that we know Beckwith resides now next to our father. Beckwiths prosecuter the prostitute named Delaughter was appointed to Hinds County Judge on his fame of prosecuting the greatest Aryan Soldier who ever lived, but it was short-lived.

On March 28, 2008, DeLaughter was suspended from the bench indefinitely by the Mississippi Supreme Court due to allegations of bribery and judicial misconduct.

On February 12, 2009, DeLaughter pleaded not guilty to a five-count federal indictment; these charges were linked to the criminal investigation of disgraced tort attorney Richard Scruggs. On July 30, 2009, he pled guilty to one obstruction-of-justice charge.

On November 13, 2009, DeLaughter was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison for this obstruction-of-justice charge. The sentence was imposed by Judge Glen Davidson. In keeping with the recommendation of his plea agreement, Judge Davidson did not impose a financial penalty on DeLaughter due to his negative net worth. He was incarcerated in the federal prison at McCreary and was released on April 13, 2011.

In the end the Prostitute of those who claim to be jews but who are not got his man but his master’s soon turned on him and sent him to prison. He shouted Yay Medgar Yay when Beckwith was found guilty but it is Beckwith whom looked down from the Empire Invisible to see Zogs henchman Bobby Delaughter ran out of public office and whom lives out his days today as a poor man who attempts to write novels. Mississippians do not buy novels written by Jewish Whores so his writing carrer barley buys food.

The good Lord works in mysterious ways.

Source Wikepedia Bryon De LA Beckwith

I just can’t find it in myself to source the Clarion Ledger but some info was gleened from that disgusting Jewish propaganda outlet.

David Lane

David Lane was born November 2, 1938. He is the author of the Fourteen words ” We must secure a future for our race and a future for white children, and the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from this earth.”

He was a member of ” The Order or Silent Brotherhood” with Bob Mathews. He was tried and given 190 years in prison for Racketeering, Conspiracy and for violating the Civil rights of Jew talk show host Alan Berg.

Lane worked as a real estate agent until Zog revoked his license for refusing to sell homes to Blacks. He just couldn’t have em stinking up the neighborhood! Lane joined the John Birch society in his younger days and then in 1979 he joined the Klan becoming the Denver Colorado Kleagle. In 1981 he joined the Aryan Nations and became it’s Colorado organizer.

At the AN World Congress in 1983 he met Aryan Warrior Robert Jay Mathews. In September of 1983 he along with Mathews was sworn in as one of the 9 founding members of ” The Order.” His actvities in the order are what landed him in Prison.

Lane was acquitted of a trumped up scheme by Zog, to try him and 14 others for ” Sedation” in Fort Smith Arkansas using Jew puppet Bill Riccio as a perjurer. He wrote books while in prison and published various articles in White Nationalist publications. Once incarcerated Zog moved him from one Maximum Security prison to the next until he died on May 28, 2007 in Federal prison in Indiana.

Lane was a true Aryan Soldier until the end.

This is a work in progress, more Aryan Soldiers and Martyers will be added soon. Stay tuned.

Gary Yarbrough

Gary is headed home. This was recently put on his blog

Gary Yarbrough’s Blog

The prison just called me. They told me to get myself and Gary’s immediate family to the prison. They are arranging a special visit because Gary is on his way to leaving this Earth. The counselor is calling me back in the morning to let me know the special visit is being set up because Gary is to sick to make it to the visiting room so special arrangements are being made. Please light a candle or say a prayer for him. My heart is breaking, as is many other people’s.

Keep this Soldier, and his family in your prayers


Gary Yarbrough’s Blog

Gary passed away April 2, 2018 at 12:53 AM. Gary had several medical conditions, including cancer. It was confirmed that he had cancer, especially in his liver. I got to see him Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He was in a hospice facility, so he was comfortable. Friday, he wasn’t able to talk, but could nod his head. I finally got to hold my husband’s hand, kiss him, and physically sit by him. We were so happy, and thank you to all who got me there for him. He was so weak that I had to hold him up. But, Friday after I left seeing him, he lost consciousness and never regained it. I’m glad he was kept comfortable at a hospice because he was in a lot of pain before he was moved to a hospice.

Gary’s memorial will be a public memorial in TX. I will keep everybody updated…