California! Is it worth fighting for?

The enemy invasion of California is almost complete. Our country and the last 3 decades of our worthless leaders have allowed the Mexican enemy to steal Commifornia back lock, stock but not the entire barrel. Not just yet anyway.

The floodgates in Ca were opened under Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr, and the leak grew worse each year. The leak mind you could have been stopped by our border agents, but their hands were tied by political hacks in DC who were willing to commit treason by giving away the Southwestern part of the USA for their damn votes, money and power.

The bastards should be hung by the neck from the nearest tree. It is treason of the highest order to allow and profit from an enemy invasion, the penalty for treason is hanging. The damage these turncoats some of you call Democrats together with a few paid Judas like John Mcain have done will never be undone and your childrens prosperity will suffer from this more than the average sheep will ever know.

Years of turning a blind eye to Californias metamorphosis has brought forth today’s reality that the illegal Latin invasion has now obtained half the political power of the state and open calls for secession are already happening.

These invaders don’t want the Mexican flag! Oh no, don’t be fooled White America. They want a Socialist flag but since that would remind them too much of Hitler, the Communist red star rag will have to do.

So we have two choices, as this ol boy only thinks logical….

1. Take California back.

2. Carve it into two states and accept the eventual reality that the southern state will eventually merge back into Mexico.

Actually folks, I like option two as long as Hollyweird and the fudgepackers in San Fran get to go join their wetback brothers. For our Northern California brothers I salute you! You stand before impossible odds in a state ran by traitors of the highest order.

The only thing that makes any sense is to separate your state and break away from the turncoats and treasonous bastards. Take out a blade and carve a line in the dirt and this time kill any foreign Invaders-Soldiers who are in uniform or not who cross it. A border is a border is it not? Go cross North Korea’s or China’s and holler back.

A war was fought with Mexico and a line was drawn. It has been pissed upon, spat at and trampled under the boots of enemy Mexican feet. Let’s fix this shit once and for all. Give em La, take back Northern California and put up a hard border around it.

Remember the Alamo, as many have long sense forgotten. The blood of Davey Crockett and Jim Boui are soaked into the soil of the Alamo. It is treasonous for our leaders to have forgotten. The bastards should be trucked from DC to the Alamo in cattle trailers and forced to eat the blood soaked dirt around the Alamo to help jar their little brains. They should be tried for Treason upside the very wall where two glorious American patriots fought for Texas and America with other patriots who also fought until their last breath.

The books make it look like Crockett, Boui and the rest fought till shot fighting, but in reality they fought till they ran out of ammo and were drug out by the enemy, lined upside the wall and executed like dogs, then bayonetted.

I can think of no better place for the enablers of our Mexican enemy’s and the treasonous American Whites and traitorous Political Bastards who are plotting the theft of a state and a country to receive the same punishment Crockett and Boui faced. People like Oakland’s mayor should be rotting in prison or executed for treason.

Long live the memory of the Alamo! And God bless Texas!!

Just imagine how much more sleep you will get at night knowing the bowels of the Jews in Hollywood and it’s Porn industry are not being dumped on your children’s tv. Hell, I support giving em back Southern Ca but only on the condition that all the sick Jews in Hollyweird go with the mother.

To think we are even having a discussion about giving back an American state is telling in itself. Our country is going to hell, and unless we start shining a light on the cold black hearts of treasonous Americans who support open borders and Daca and other scams meant to repopulate America with our enemy’s, then any future American utopian dream is just that, a dream.

Our leaders in the Democratic and Republican party’s today are dangerous. They work not for you but for NWO money which lusts for open borders and cheap wages. They are selling our country and giving it away.

I fear one day it will cost much blood to fix what we have allowed to happen. Is California worth fighting for? You got my answer, only the Northern half. Let’s wish the Southern half a merry reunion with Mexico!

To my Northern California brothers we stand behind and with you. You will never be forced off your land and homes like our South African brothers. We salute your defiance and conviction to fight for your homes and future.

My only question is this. Where do you think the California Alamo will be? Choose wisely as we will be bringing our grandchildren to view it’s blood soaked walls for many hundreds of years. Be nice if it ain’t in the middle of a desert ya know?

My guess is Oakland.

Heil Victory