Chameleons and Trolls

Good Evening from the Sovereign State of Mississippi! Let’s talk about a serious problem in the Pro White Movement. Chameleons and Trolls. Have you ever been on Stormfront, VNN, The Daily Stormer, Facebook or Twatter? Then chances are you interacted with a employee of various Jewish Centers and League’s or various Government Alphabet Soup agencys.

I kid you not! There are way more enemy Chameleons online than White Nationalist in this entire world. I found the Klan online to be completely, and I mean almost completely ran by employees of the Jew. Stormfront, a site that I have been on for a long time is completely infested. Some are known and have been pointed out to Stormfront, but alas I guess for a few Sheckles they are allowed to stay.

I’ve concluded some of what I’m seeing for posts on The Daily Stormer is coming from Robotic Computers. They make posts but have the inability to answer a simple question about the post they just made! Facebook and Twitter are by far the worst. Facebook enabled ol hook nose to identify 3/4 of the entire movement!

Initially the Internet enabled us to reach a far wider audience, but at the same time it gives our enemys a great place to spy and impersonate us. Some of the same Jews who build false front websites to smear half the movement are the very same Chameleons many have chatted with on various pro-white forums.

It’s time to use this strategy against those who seek to destroy the White Race! I call on you all to start making up fake profiles like Johnny Jew does and infiltrate the forums these slimy lizards crawl around on. One of the main group of puppets used by the Jew is Antifa. We need a dozen men and women from all 5 zones to start keeping tabs on our enemys on all Antifa forums and to start infiltrating it’s public groups.

Homosexual groups are especially vulnerable to be used as puppets. First, these folks are not mentally stable and will follow the butcher to the chopping block with Glee, as long as he agrees that it’s ok to be a Sexual deviant that is. Keep tabs on these groups in your area.

The Jew is much smarter, his online presence as a Jew is limited. He does however have a few places online he likes to chat as himself and often he sponsors conferences and speeches to attempt to train the White man to be his slave. By all means get you a little Jew Beenie hat and attend, just let the pro White movement in your area know what your doing.

There are moles in our movement who are beating the drum to March! Once you identify them get the hell away from them as fast as you can! Yeah your marching White boy, to the beat of the NWO drum. They need you evil Klansmen and National Socialists in the streets. They need you to take in more billions into there Ponzi Scheme. They need you for the nightly news and their agenda.

Quit being blind sheep.

Awake, Arise or be Forever Fallen