Does it look like Trump drained the swamp to you?

Damn sure doesn’t look like it to me, what about you White boy? All of 2017 we heard crowds chant three things

Build the wall

Lock her up

Drain the swamp

Your president is 0 for 3. Its almost laughable as all Trump has done is promote the swamp and bring in folks like Tillerson who are firmly in the NWO pocket.

It’s all a dog and pony show folks, Trump, Reagan and now they are promoting Oprah Winfrey!

Actors are what they are and in the case of Reagan and the Monkey they are documented actors. The grip of the NWO and Jews upon our Government was sealed when a traitorous bastard named Roosevelt gave away all our Gold and Silver and prohibited Americans from owning it.

You ever turn on the tv and see Westchester mint and other Jew groups attempting to sell you Gold coins? Ask yourself how that’s allowed to happen. By law you Goyim are forbidden to own Gold coins. We were ordered to turn in all Gold or face prosecution.

Ask Ron Paul was he ever allowed to do a count of our Gold that’s supposed to be in Fort Knox. The answer is no! Even a Goyim Senator can’t view it, as nothing is there to see. Now your money is just paper. I’m old enough to remember the silver certificates.

Yet every night some Jew gets on TV and attempts to sell you the Gold that belonged to your ancestors! Oh what vipers they are.

All of the wealth is being stolen from America by these hook nosed bastards and they are so brazen about it that they attempt to sell it back to you!

George Lincoln Rockwell spoke of this in his book

” White Power”

Don’t waste your time voting, as the grip on both political party’s is complete. Its all just a damn dog and pony show. How many Farmers, Carpenters and ordinary Americans that supported Trump were put in office? The answer is none! He simply put the right not the left of the swamp into federal jobs. By not voting we speed up the day of the final battle. Why wait for whats coming? Let’s get it on now.

We are circling the drain folks, the end is near. No attempts have been made to bring a third party to the 2018 dance so your gonna get more lies, more swamp and more actors.

Our future is set in stone, and I don’t blame the younger generation of today for being so angry. Our grandparents allowed thieves to steal our wealth and destroy this former Republic. We are only left one option, fight or be slaves.

The best way to drain the swamp is to bulldoze lobbiest row in Washington and to put Americans not beholden to Jew money into Federal office. Ain’t happening. Why? Stupid trained sheep will continue to vote for whatever actor the tv tells them to.

The NWO fake news outlets are screaming for your guns because a Jew kid in Florida shot up his school killing 4 of his own race and 13 whites. Once you see them finally pass laws that violate the Second Amendment you better be ready to fight.

If not, just go put your head on the chopping block and smile at your fate. The end is almost here, the final battle is coming. If you won’t fight, cannibalistic hordes of savages will most likely eat you first.

You are not getting a drained swamp, a wall or a future unless you fight for it. Our future or lack thereof may have been destroyed by our grandparents rolling over for Roosevelt, but its the youth of today who better get ready to fight as a great war is coming, one in which rivers will flow with blood and corpses will be everywhere.

I wish I could give some of you sheep a crystal ball so you can get the hook out of your mouth and see the utter destruction coming.

Awake Arise or be Forever Fallen the choice is yours. I’m gonna die with my boots on fighting till the bitter end or until we shout Heil Victory!

How bout you? There are no more islands to sail to, that makes the war coming the true final battle.

The American Aryan Network will continue to leave the light of truth on for Tyranny and until the day comes when we drive the spear of truth through your cold black hearts we will continue to speak loudly to awaken the Aryan Warrior in all the Goyim.

We will shake this earth with the hair raising rebel yells of our ancestors, there will be no rock for those who have destroyed this country and stolen the wealth of the entire world to hide under.

When those who want to destroy our country start this war we will hunt you down and destroy all of your seed and wipe your tyranny from the face of this earth. You have wronged us, and we will never forget nor surrender. No Aryan has to start a war, as it’s surely coming like a speeding bullet whether we like it or not because of your actions to destroy America and the White race.


Non Silba Sed Anthar