False front Websites and Klans ran by the Jew


This disgusting website is set up as a fake Ku Klux organization. If one takes time to read through this agents website, you will see there is no way to join this fake Klan.

It’s ran by a rabid Jew from Indiana, he’s on Stormfront under several aliases one was Kenny King. Kenny King is a deceased Klansman.

You have been warned the website is a false front. The same Jew runs another called



The Jews, as you see, slander half the leaders in this movement, This man has printed complete lies about me as he hides behind a screen like a coward. The Jew does not fight with his fists! He hides like a Chameleon, then slithers around on his Yellow Belly.



This is the website that sprang up from the Chameleons on the old WRAM ” Well Regulated American Militia” website. They set Rick Light up and publicized it framing him as a thief. They then took the members and built this website. I enjoy going on it and playing yank the Jews Chain. Rick Light never had a clue, he thought these were his friends and Militia men.


Not sure if the Jews have control of it, but Stormfront is knowingly letting our enemys imposter us and work from Stormfront. Here’s the proof, We warned SF about this guy long ago. Two moderators that I know of have been outed as enemy on Stormfront. I have many Morman and other friends on Stormfront, but I can no longer stay on a forum that is knowingly giving our enemys a place to imposter and work for a few Sheckles. I advise everyone to get off SF and leave them with the Damn Jews they coddle!

This Jew admits to coming undercover to one of our old groups meetings. Not only was he not repremanded by SF he’s still on it. This Jew uses a common tatic, he heisted an old Klan, in this instance it’s John Howard’s old International Knights. This Chameleon contacted me after I made a post on Stormfront that John Howard had a stroke. What did he want? His Emporers phone number. This immediate red flag led to me contacting John who had never heard of this Chameleon who claims to be his Alabama Grand Dragon! Lol!

This tatic seems to be a preferred one, as evidently it’s easy to seize a Klan they themselves sued out of existence! This group and several others that were infiltrated out the ass are what brought the Southern Alliance of Klans down.

He has many completely fooled, and it’s telling that groups like the modern Mississippi White Knights Imperial Giant defends him. Birds of a feather surly flock together.

Sacrad Knights KKK

This false front is ran by Eddie S and a mixed breed named Joe. These two morans infiltrated the United Northern and Southern Knights and in Eddie’s case was legally banished by IW Cole Thornton. These two guys once helped out on an AAOK flier drive. At the time we thought it odd that the few fliers put out by agent Joe made the News, but the literal thousands of other fliers put out by the legitamite Klans in the AAOK did not. Now we know why.

Joe is a Cajun who first contacted us wanting to join the Klan two years ago. He fished around a year then once he saw he couldn’t get by us so easy he joined the UNSK. Now he’s a an imperial officer in his own false front! Funny as he claims to be a K Trio Knight, Folks it takes many years to become a K Trio Knight. This man is a mixed breed fraud.

12 months ago after these two agents destroyed the UNSK and built the newest false front the Sacred Knights this Cajun popped up at a Klan meeting and our members all agree this guy is not white.

As I stated before birds of a feather flock together. Who is now with agent Joe? Low and behold it’s The former Mississippi White Knights Mississippi Grand Dragon Byron.

Byron and the MWK long ago drew our attention as they are meeting people getting there info and stealing there membership money never to be seen again.

The true Klan does not join up mixed breeds never has. Nor did we meet people to steal money and get your info.

The MWK was destroyed by agents of ZOG and people like Byron and Steve Howard. To this very day the Imperial Giant of the MWK defends the spooks as friends, and stands by Howard. Howard is a man who on live tv hugged the head Niggra of the Tupelo Ms Naacp. sad but true.

Howard in my opinion is nothing more than a White Niggra, I personally banished this man, he would fit in well with agent Joe. If Byron keeps stealing folks money, his picture and info will be published, as I’ve had enough of folks like this giving all Aryan Warriors a bad name.

Byron must be a moran as he has went from an Infested Klan to a straight up false front.

Non Silba Sed Anthar

Stay tuned to this page as it will be updated with more. Judging by the traffic this page recieves, it’s safe to say the Jew is worried.


Whew, this fake white Christian nationalist site is ran by a Jew who hates Jews, he is a complete mental case that has been bugging us and others for some time. I found it by accident stumbling around online and instantly recognized his writing.

This guy is a complete nut. I will post his name as soon as I can dig it up,I can’t remember it at press time, like the White Knights of Justice and Ku Klux Truth fake websites he slanders and attacks half the movement. His repeated sexual innuendos and perverted talk are some of the most vile things I have ever read. His writing and style are similar to the Ku Klux Truth website and is possibly the same nut running all three. I almost joined this forum until I read the writing and realized it was a false front ran by the same deranged Jew that hates Jews who use to bug us.

International Knights Alabama

The International Knights is John Howard’s old South Carolina Klan. He ran the redneck shop and was sued out by the SPLC. John shut his Klan down after the lawsuit.

Yet today we see a fraud on Stormfront and elsewhere claiming to be the International Knights. We call it the SPLC Klan. There is no website to view, he’s simply working for the Jew on Stormfront. This group had Jeff Jones and the old Southern alliance completely fooled. Don’t feel bad Jeff, it happens to the best of us.

United White Knights

This is Bubbas old Klan, some guy is using that name, but the UWK shut down long ago and members have confirmed that. They are completely underground so whoever the guy is promoting it is an enemy agent or a stupid kid unaware that they are still around, underground or not and are not happy with some loon impostering them.

“The enemy is not communism, it is Illuminism. The Communists are not going to be much happier with the New World Order than we are.” A Wise Man