False front Websites ran by the Jew

White Knights for Justice

This disgusting website is set up as a fake Ku Klux organization. If one takes time to read through this agents website, you will see there is no way to join this fake Klan.

It’s ran by a rabid Jew from Indiana, he’s on Stormfront under several aliases one was Kenny King. Kenny King is a deceased Klansman.

Midwest, Walter Fairchild disappeared because he’s a spook. He doesn’t exist. His phone is answered by Heidi B herself. Y’all heard right ol Walter who has been shadowing WN groups for decades is a spook. It didn’t take us long to catch on to him as his background doesn’t check out, then we found Heidi’s voice online then called his number, it’s the same. I made a critical error with Walter as he had so many fooled. Walter was the final nail in the UDWK coffin and a spook who should hide for a reason. He’s been shadowing every group online and in the case of the LWK in person. He promotes Unity for a reason as they needed us unified for the purpose of marching. I don’t know who that spook is, but he ain’t Walter Fairchild.

You have been warned the website is a false front. The same Jew runs another called Ku Klux Truth at

This agent and ex Klansman turncoat J Elmore had the Nordic Order Knights completely infiltrated. Elmore sold his soul to the Devil to get out of prison on Federal Automatic Weapons charges.

He now sits on Stormfront everyday in complete violation of his paraole talking with other ADL and SPLC agents posing as Klansmen, with their knowledge of who he is and his circumstances. That’s one of many reasons we are leaving Stormfront. It’s simply a playground for the Jew. VNN is worse.

Elmore is often paraded by the SPLC in articles claiming he’s a dangerous Klansman. Kinda funny being he’s about 5ft tall with a chunk of his brain removed from a tumor.

The Jews, as you see, slander half the leaders in this movement, This man has printed complete lies about me as he hides behind a screen like a coward. The Jew does not fight with his fists! He hides like a Chameleon, then slithers around on his Yellow Belly.


This is the website that sprang up from the Chameleons on the old WRAM ” Well Regulated American Militia” website. They set Rick Light up and publicized it framing him as a thief. They then took the members and built this website. I enjoy going on it and playing yank the Jews Chain. Rick Light never had a clue, he thought these were his friends and Militia men.


Not sure if the Jews have control of it, but Stormfront is knowingly letting our enemys imposter us and work from Stormfront. Here’s the proof, We warned SF about this guy long ago. Two moderators that I know of have been outed as enemy on Stormfront. I have many Morman and other friends on Stormfront, but I can no longer stay on a forum that is knowingly giving our enemys a place to imposter and work for a few Sheckles. I advise everyone to get off SF and leave them with the Damn Jews they coddle!

This Jew admits to coming undercover to one of our old groups meetings. Not only was he not repremanded by SF he’s still on it. This Jew uses a common tatic, he heisted an old Klan, in this instance it’s John Howard’s old International Knights. This Chameleon contacted me after I made a post on Stormfront that John Howard had a stroke. What did he want? His Emporers phone number. This immediate red flag led to me contacting John who had never heard of this Chameleon who claims to be his Alabama Grand Dragon! Lol!

This tatic seems to be a preferred one, as evidently it’s easy to seize a Klan they themselves sued out of existence! This group and several others that were infiltrated out the ass are what brought the Southern Alliance of Klans down.

He has many completely fooled, and it’s telling that groups like the modern Mississippi White Knights Imperial Giant defends him. Birds of a feather surly flock together.

Stay tuned to this page as it will be updated with more.