Florida Grand Dragon’s Podium

Good Evening from the Sunshine State. As the elected Grand Dragon of the Invisible Empire Realm of Florida, I felt it was time to speak to my brothers and sisters within the Empire and the public in general.

The boys call me Solo, and I have many years in the Invisible Empire. We are proudly based in Hudson, Florida and have members throughout our State from top to bottom. I wanna chat about a few things so listen up!

Our State has been in the National spotlight of late over a deranged half breed Jewish animal shooting up his own school, a mentally ill muslim fag shooting his gay buddies in the abomination known as the Pulse Nightclub and recently the students who are being manipulated into marching to take away our gun rights.

First let me say, the all seeing eye of the Klan is watching, we are everywhere and represent the largest growing faction of the Empire. Nothing goes on in my State I do not hear or see. You may ask why are we having these issues and the answers are simple. First Florida does not have a State income tax and in the case of these Jews, they are flocking here to leave New York City and it’s taxes, this led to the Jewish school shooter being here as well as the faggot muslims Cia agent father. We are being invaded by foreign scum from every third world shithole on this earth. Our Governor is a weak kneed publicity seeking politician who seeks National Office.

He does not represent Floridians only the NWO agenda and it’s money. He’s a damn fool to think White Floridians will ever give up our guns because of the actions of Israelis and Muslims he has allowed to infest our State. He will take our guns when he removes them from our cold dead hands.

I hear a lot of talk about a wall, well my State is surrounded by water, so a wall will not work here. Our Militia like all States was illegally taken over after the Civil War by ZOG and it’s Federal dogs. So where does that leave us? Trump never mentions my State when he chirps about a wall. Floridians I hate to tell you, we must defend the glorious soil of Florida ourselves. We are treated like a place to be raped by foreign hordes that the NWO doesn’t want to feed, and a tax free paradise by these damn Jews.

Don’t know about you, but the Klan has had enough of this bullshit. They seem to forget our Florida History. Don’t take our attempting to work within the system legally for several generations as a sign of weakness. It would be a mistake.

You NWO politician puppets better listen up, you are pushing White Floridians backs against a wall and allowing an illegal invasion. You are not serving the interest of Americans and we all see it. We have had enough, and will not surrender our State or Country to your NWO dream.

Once you push Floridians far enough, the people will push back with whatever means God chooses to restore our State and Nation.

Florida Students this part is being directed at you. I feel for those who were killed by this nut, but you need to understand outside interests who want to move forward with the next phase of the New World Order are manipulating and using you. Your White ancestors and mine gave us a Second Amendment for a reason. That being to prevent future generations from being abused by a Tyrannical Government and its foreign masters like we see today. You kids need to study the history of what happens to any country that gave up it’s guns, I can sum it up for you in one word, Genocide!

Your angry, and I like any father and citizen understands that. You need to understand though you are being used like puppets. It makes me sick to my stomach to think Florida kids are marching to destroy our precious Constitution. Stop being puppets and wake up! Your school, like all should have armed gaurds, and police who do their jobs. You need to think of the consequences of your actions as your actions may lead to a bloody revolution. Is that what you want? As Floridians will never give up our guns. The blame for the shooting lies squarely on the FBI just like 9-11. Maybe if the FBI actually served the American people instead of an NWO agenda they could do the job they are supposed to, instead of running around investigating American Citizens and Patriots for it’s NWO master. I urge you kids to wake up and quit allowing yourselves to be manipulated.

With that said I urge every Florida kid on his 18th birthday to join the only group that has ever stood for White Floridians and our way of life to join the Invisible Empire. I urge all Americans to rise up and quit being sheep and join us. Just as the Phoenix rises from the ashes the mighty Ku Klux Klan is rising again.


Florida Grand Dragon Solo

Sent to you from

Hudson, Florida the Florida headquarters of the Invisible Empire