Gay Extremists and Homosexual Serial Killers

 In August of 2012 Floyd Lee Corkins entered the office of the Family Research Council in Washington and laid his backpack on the floor, he raised up and shot  the building manager Leo Johnson in the arm. After a brief struggle Mr Johnson was able to subdue this gay maniac.

Corkins who is 28 years old, was a volunteer at an organization in Washington that serves the Gay agenda. He lived with his parents and was described as odd by his college classmates. He stated to the FBI he had the intention of killing as many people as he could. He was charged with domestic terrorism, but should have been charged with a hate crime toward Christians.

Mr Corkin told the FBI that he went online, found the SPLC hate map and picked the FRC off of it for his premeditated attack. The SPLC routinely adds different groups like ours and Christian organizations to its map.  This is the first time that we are aware of the map being used by followers of the Anti Christian Homosexuals at the SPLC palace. He was wise in not choosing us. 

Rest assured with the mental issues of the Homosexual community, it won’t be the last. Mr Corbin told the FBI quote ” I intended kill the people in the building and then smear a Chick-fil-A sandwich in their faces.” end quote

Homosexuality, Bestality and other unnatural sexual perversions like Pedophilia and those who have sex changes are severe mental issues. Instead of States allowing them to marry, they should put them into mental institutions for Conversion Therapy, which has been proven to be almost 100% successful.

Homosexual serial killers prove this. Jeffrey Dahmer not only killed his gay love targets, he ate them.  Let’s look at a shortened  list of Homosexual serial killers, Extremists and Maniacs.


Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli

Born in 1469, Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli, more commonly referred to as simply Machiavelli, was considered an evil man primarily because his thoughts, both written and spoken, were new and unusual. As a result, his writings were found to be diabolical in nature, partly because they were viewed as attacks on people of importance at the time, including the clergy. He was an Italian diplomat, philosopher, historian, and writer. The people of his era believed he was evil because he supported the use of evil to gain power, a premise thoroughly explored in his short book, entitled The Prince. Many people like to use the word Machiavellian when describing individuals with questionable ethics or no sense of morality. Machiavelli died in 1527.


Alexander the Great

Born in 356 BC, Alexander the Great rose to power as a great military leader. It is this success that often gives him the reputation of having been an evil man. At the age of 16, his father left him in charge of all of Macedonia, a task that quickly taught him the power of armies, invasions, and killing. He had many enemies executed to get rid of them and conquered many civilizations. As a result, he is portrayed as an evil conqueror nearly as often as he is a hero. Unfettered by the social conventions of later eras, Alexander the Great openly expressed his love of his best friend, Hephaestion.


Fritz Haarmann

Born in Germany to a working class parents in 1879, Fritz Haarmann, a homosexual, spent time in the German army before being discharged and placed in a sanatorium. After his release, he rejoined the army, fighting during WWI. Known as one of the most infamous mass murderers in Germany, Haarmann committed vampire-like killings involving at least twenty young men with the possibly of a total number of as many as fifty killings. Haarmann chose a life of depravity in which he befriended young, hungry, male refugees, offering them food only to fall upon them, chewing at their throats until he nearly separated the heads from the bodies.


David Edward Maust

Born in Connellsville, Pennsylvania in 1954, David Edward Maust died in January 2006 as the result of his own hand when he committed suicide. A serial, self-professed homosexual killer of young boys, Maust was deeply troubled as a child and received psychiatric care at the time. He was charged with a total of five murders for which he was suspected, including one that occurred in 1974, one during the 1980s, and three subsequent ones. The bodies of three of his victims were discovered beneath concrete slabs in the basement of a residential dwelling.


Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer

Born in Milwaukee to parents Lionel Herbert Dahmer and Joyce Annette Flint on May 21, 1960, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was a homosexual who went on a killing and raping spree starting at the age of eighteen. Dahmer, who had a strong sexual attraction toward young, dead men would kidnap, drug, rape, and then eat his victims. Choosing many of his victims at local gay bars, Dahmer selected young teenagers who would be more easily controlled and dominated by him. Convicted of 15 murders, Dahmer was sent to prison, where he was murdered by another inmate.


Luis Alfredo Garavito

Even the nickname of Luis Alfredo Garavito, “The Beast,” suggests that he is a truly evil individual. Born in 1957 in Colombia, Garavito is responsible for the rape, torture, and mutilation of approximately 140 boys during the years between 1992 and 1999. The children were lured with promises of food and drink. His preferred method of killing involves the use of a screwdriver and/or knife. He is currently serving a prison sentence of 1,853 years. Garavito confessed to these crimes, and possibly more, providing a map that depicts the locations of more than 300 skeletons.


Arthur Gary Bishop

Born in Utah in 1951, Arthur Gary Bishop grew up as the good son of devout Mormon parents. Educated and intelligent, Bishop was never popular. He completed his service of acting as a Mormon missionary as required and began to attend a business school. Soon, however, he was accused of embezzling during his job as a bookkeeper. Despite his easy success, he soon allowed himself to be drawn into the world of child pornography. Bishop’s compulsions escalated until he began to abduct, torture and murder young boys. It later came out that Bishop had molested dozens of young boys, whose parents never reported the crimes to police until well after the events occurred.


Randy Steven Kraft

Randy Steven Kraft was born in 1945 in California. He was the only son of his parents and had three sisters. Scoring high on a job-related intelligence test, Kraft had good opportunities, obtaining high security clearances from the U.S. Air Force. Kraft enjoyed taking Polaroids of his victims, many of whom were posed on his couch, at the home he shared with his gay lover, adding to the wealth of evidence stacking up against this killer. He was convicted of sixteen murders that took place between 1972 and 1983.


Hans Grans

Hans Grans is responsible for leading Haarmann, his lover, into the less savory aspects of the homosexual community of Hanover, Germany. Together the two of them sold the flesh of Haarmann’s victims to unsuspecting customers as “black-market” beef. Grans watched while Haarmann murdered young men, enjoying the savage display and even instigating it on occasion. Although he was originally sentenced to death for his part in the killings, Grans was exonerated by Haarmann and had his sentence reduced to 12 years after which he was released from prison. He died in 1975.


Huang Yong

Born in the Henan Province, China in 1974, Huang Yong was convicted of killing at least seventeen young males during the years of 2001 and 2003. He is suspected of killing as many as twenty-five young men. He picked up these young individuals with the intention of killing them. His stalking grounds consisted or Internet cafes and video arcades. Yong kept the belts of his victims for souvenirs, burying their bodies in various places on his property. Yong was arrested after his eighteenth victim escaped and came forward. He was executed.

This is a very short list, our site simply does not have the room to list them all but for a much more detailed list of Homosexual serial killers go to this link This list is staggering! Some of the most evil people this world has ever known are on it.

Do you really want people with this type of mental disease in the restroom with your children America? The very act of a man wanting to have his penis cut off in an attempt to become another sex is all the proof of mental illness one needs. Doctors who perform this type of mutilation of a mentally umbalanced person should be in the institution as well.

The same First Amendment right that we have to distribute literature and publish this website you are viewing, gives those at the SPLC palace the right to publish its map and NWO controlled media its foreign agenda. I believe strongly in the first Amendment, so Heidi and Dees have the same rights as us all. I detest these people none the less. Their agenda is clear and now we have proof that mentally challenged people and Homosexual maniacs view it, and use it much as our military uses a map.

Make no mistake, the list is clear, there are way more Homosexual maniacs in this world than your average White sheep who agrees with such an agenda is even aware of. You better wake the hell up! Before one of these maniacs kills and eats your son or daughter.

Above is a picture of Omar Mateen, the radical Muslim Bisexual who walked into the Gay bar known as the ” Pulse Nightclub” in Orlando Fla, and started killing Gays with a rifle. This man lived a double life. He was married at the current time and his ex wife and friends say he was a Homosexual. I think the correct term is a Bisexual. In other words he would screw anything.

Yet this radical Muslim Extremists religion is very much opposed to Homosexual deviant behaviour as it should be. This Muslim religion some say is ok with bestality. This man fits the definition of mentally unbalanced person. His very life proves it. He killed those who he joined in the same deviant lifestyle. Some were probably old lovers of this man.

The Liberal left wants to bring more of this type of scum into America against the will of the people thus proving beyond any doubt they are definably lunatics. Last year President Oboma allowed such transgender mentally unbalanced people to serve in our Military.

If you have a son or daughter in the Military, please advise them to sleep with one eye open. These people are dangerous, mentally unstable and willing to mutilate their body’s. Our country is going straight to Hell! Our leaders are just puppets of the New World Order and its agenda to weaken and destroy White American resistance.

You must awake, arise or be forever fallen. Resisting tyranny is righteous in the eyes of God. The next chosen puppet Killary Clinton who lost, was much worse. The foreign born Kenyan named Obama that some of you white idiots voted for actually used the mass murder by a gay man of the very Homosexual agenda he supports in his Communist Gun Control agenda!

What a brazen Tyrant, the blame lays squarely on the mental disease of Homosexuality that Obama and the foolish liberal left supports and Omar Mateen, and Obamas agenda as a puppet for the New World Order to destabilize America with foreigners who have no intention of assimilating into America. Not the damn Gun!

Wake up America! As always the UDWK will leave the light on for Tyrants, Freaks, and the New World Order, and the average White man who is sick of this crap! What are you waiting for White boy! Get off your ass and come kneel before this cross and join us. Before its too late.

Imperial Wizard Waller


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