Gays to build Museum at Pulse Nightclub

Museums should be built for hero’s, artifacts and and other things of historical value but in the cesspool of Orlando, Florida evidently their hero’s are dead gays, transvestites and pedophiles! See the following link for background   

Homosexual perverts are abundant in the sunshine state. I hear Walt Disney world now has queer days and puts gay cartoon characters in your children’s Disney movies. The Homosexual agenda is pushed by the Hollywood Jews to destroy society and turn the White Aryan Warriors who sailed the oceans and civilized the savages of the world into pathetic sissy’s.

It turns out the Muslim who shot up the nightclub was a Homosexual or at least a Bisexual freak himself. First the Muslim shouldn’t have been here and second the Sodomy and other laws against Homosexuality that have been weakened throughout the years has led the fairy’s to be able to congregate into diseased hordes. Who’s fault is that? Your Governments that’s who.

I hear a Gay Jew now sits upon our Supreme Court, I do hope our newest Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch carries plenty of Germex to work everyday. Obama put this Gay Jew on our highest court and he must be a closet Homo, as he pushed the perverted lifestyle like a rabid dog. Homosexuals are the number one reason Aids became such an epidemic. I do hope the Honorable Neil Gorsuch stands in her way of any attempt by the Gay Jew to give Homosexuals like her more case law in favor of her perverted agenda. Jews own the porn industry.

Folks the only thing that should happen to the pulse nightclub is a giant bulldozer. After it’s destroyed a Giant White Cross should be erected as both Homosexuality and Muslims are not compatible with America. If you are gay, get down on your knees and beg God for forgiveness, if you don’t you will burn in the fires of Hell!

The citizens of Orlando long ago bowed down to Disney and the Jewish Dollar. It’s sad to see a once great Southern city be remembered for crazy Muslims and Homosexuals. Orlando and many other American cities need to be disinfected. 

Disney world and it’s newest gay cartoon characters need to be tossed into the damn ocean. We must drive out, stomp out and rid America of Homosexuality. Straight jackets and conversion therapy need to become the appropriate action taken when a mentally deranged person confesses to being a Homosexual deviant.

Doctors who are performing these sex changes on young children are evil, they take an oath to do no harm but yet everyday they destroy the lives of young children who have not reached puberty. The only justice a doctor like that deserves is thirteen wraps of hemp rope.

Non Silba Sed Anthar

IW Waller