Get off Stormfront, You have been warned

Not sure if the Jews have control of it, but Stormfront is knowingly letting our enemys imposter us and work from Stormfront. Here’s the proof, We warned SF about this guy long ago. Two moderators that I know of have been outed as enemy on Stormfront. I have many Morman and other friends on Stormfront, I never met a Morman until I went on SF but many mods and others I met were Morman. The good folks I will miss, but I can longer stay on a forum that is knowingly giving our enemys a place to imposter and work for a few Sheckles. I advise everyone to get off SF and leave them with the Damn Jews they coddle!

This Jew admits to coming undercover to one of our old groups meetings. Not only was he not repremanded by SF he’s still on it. This Jew uses a common tatic, he heisted an old Klan, in this instance it’s John Howard’s old International Knights. This Chameleon contacted me after I made a post on Stormfront that John Howard had a stroke. What did he want? His Emporers phone number. This immediate red flag led to me contacting John who had never heard of this Chameleon who claims to be his Alabama Grand Dragon! Lol!

This tatic seems to be a preferred one, as evidently it’s easy to seize a Klan they themselves sued out of existence! This group and several others that were infiltrated out the ass are what brought the Southern Alliance of Klans down.

For some reason Jews are perverts with sick minds, notice he referred to my sister out of his sick fantasy’s. She’s has Kidney disease and needs help! That’s what Aryans do sick Jew! We take care of our family’s and I’m also a married man. I moved her in the camp we use to hold meetings at. I certainly have never been stupid enough to have outsiders to my personal home. If I had a dollar for every brother the Jews have made these type of perverted accusations toward I would be rich!

He has many completely fooled, and it’s telling that groups like the modern Mississippi White Knights Imperial Giant defends him. Birds of a feather surly flock together.