How to join the American Aryan Network and United Dixie White Knights

Prospective members will be part of the American Aryan Network for 1 year. At the end of the year Christians who have passed all tests who prove they have what it takes can petition to join the UDWK.

To join the AAN you must be an American citizen who is of White European Ancestry, over the age of 17 and pass a background check. We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone who does not act, look and talk white. No half breeds need apply here.

Mail a twenty five dollar donation either conceled cash or US Postal Money order ” No Walmart or other money orders will be excepted” along with your name, age, city and state of residence to

National Office P.O. Box 1423 Leakesville, Ms 39451

Members of the Network will be expected to

1. Put out literature and attend any meetings you are requested to attend.

2. Stay away from hard drugs. Anyone who is suspected of drug use will be subject to a drug test. If your a meth head, don’t waste your time, nor ours.

3. Not mix races. Anyone who is deemed to be a race mixer is subject to have there probation revoked and be forever barred from joining again.

4. Keep all AAN business to themselves and not speak to any reporter without permission.

5. Take care of your family.

6. Pass tests and read study material given to you.

7. Have access to a printer.

During this year of probation many tests both physically and mentally will be given to help us judge your character, commitment to our cause and ability to become a Klansman. You are not required to become a Klansman and some due to religion or other factors can not become Klansmen.

All future officers in the Network will have completed probation.