How to join the UDWK

We are a private club as described by Mississippi law

You must be a White Christian over the age of 17. No Catholics are accepted and you must believe in God and agree to a background check and home visit to verify you. We accept ladies. To join, send us a photo copy of your driver’s license, any addresses you’ve had in the last 5 years your email and phone number and a non refundable 25 dollar US Postal money order only to cover the cost of your background check.

You can email the photocopy of your license to

Or send it with your money order to

National Office P.O. Box 1423 Leakesville, Ms 39451

No checks or Walmart money orders or other money orders are accepted. It must be a US Postal money order purchased at your local post office. All money orders are to be made out to Brent Waller.

 Any convictions for rape, burglary,child molestation, Meth, Crack or prescription drug abuse, elderly abuse or any convictions either felony or misdomeanor that we deem unklannish will disqualify you.

If you are rejected due to your criminal record you will receive an email explaining why from us.

We seek only men and women of high moral character, if that’s not you, don’t waste your or our time. If you are not sure your white and believe in God don’t waste our time. You must be sworn in to be a Klansman and will remain a probate until you do so. All members are expected to help put out literature. You must purchase a robe within 60 days of being sworn in from an independent seamstress.

We are the real deal if you are looking to join the boy scouts or an online chat group we are not the group for you. You must attend any meetings in your state if you are physically and financially able. Two missed meetings without an approved excuse from the Imperial Wizard or Grand Dragon results in termination of membership.