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Our Southern Monuments

Why is it that Southern white people, especially Southern white men, are constantly demonized and anytime something racial is provoked the first thing the MSM looks for is a southern white? or a white with a confederate battle flag. Why are OUR southern monuments being taken down and vandalized, while northern monuments and founding fathers of this country monuments not? if a person, and notice I use the word person, meaning any individual wether  black or white or any race, will take the time to study history, will see that the founding fathers of this country at one time owned slaves. The very flag that represents this country is a flag that slaves were sold under. It is very easy for any sane, logical, Person to look into history and see that the first slaves to the 13 colonies were white, as I can attest, my ancestors were some of the first slaves in the new world in 1745. 

What or who is pushing this agenda? and why Now? The SCV,”to their credit”, have been fighting this battle in NewOrleans for over a year with lawyers, but what happens now? The people who show up to rallies called,“antifa”, how are they able to do this with ease? We know and have seen on Jewtube, Faggbook, and twatter that these people could not tie their shoe laces if told how to do it with a coloring book and Mr. Rogers doing sign language on video! The people who make up this antifa group are left leaning, marxist, communist, faggot, and child molesting people. Good god, did i get all that out in one breath? The one thing that is not being asked is this, where is the money for the monument removal, and the antifa rallies coming from? You have to look between the lines, and beyond the smoke screen. 

Blacks are not going to give up any EBT card cash to pay for a trip to a rally, most logical thinking people know this, and it is fact, hell most blacks will tell you the same thing! Most liberal whites are not going to pay for a trip to a rally to protest unless they are making minimum wage off it. Where is this money coming from to push the decimation of our white culture and who pushes the agenda that whites have no History or culture? 

God almighty knows whites have the most beautiful history that has ever existed on this planet. If it were not for Viking culture, Saxon Culture, keltic Culture, Sumerian culture, Pic, Goth Culture, Aryan Culture, Ancient Egyptian Culture, Roman Culture, Ancient Greek Culture, this world would have never developed. Who has pushed the genocide of our white race and called us anti multicultural, and pushed agendas to break apart the white family unit, pushed the bastardization of our culture by pushing multiracial family on tv, movies, and in our schools? Who has control of the porn industry and uses free speech to keep it going? Who pushes every day in news,TV, movies, the White woman to push family off to later years while pursuing a career that leads to depression and suicide? 

Women learn, after acquiring a career, they cannot have children because their womb is dried up and polluted by the food that we eat, or the miscegenation with another race has caused her to contract some kind of STD that there is no cure of. She cannot attract a good white man, and therefor goes Mud Sharking, or commits suicide blaming the white race for her downfall and the downfall of women! This agenda is broad and strong. 

It takes a person only to crack the veil open just a little to see the full picture, once you see it, you can never unsee it, it will be with you to the day you die.

Who is it? simple and plain, our grandfathers and great grandfathers new ((them)), and called ((them)) out. They caused WWI and WWII, They have been kicked out of over 200 countries because of their evil ways. I have always called them what God called them, Kenites, Jesus called them out in REV 3, he also ran them out from the church with a Cat of Nine tales, he also called them out in St.John 8. You guessed it yet? I’ll give you another hint, one that is very easy to check today. Who says we shouldn’t build a big beautiful wall because its racist, but yet has a 15 ft high wall that runs 20ft under grounding, “in the presumptuous country called Israel”? did you guess it? The Lovely Jew, thats right! and how lovely these scum are. Y’all have a Nice Day. 


Imperial Nighthawk of the UDWK

Brad Johnson