Mainstream Media refuses to retract false news claim about the Florida Shooter published by the ADL by Billy Roper

Reposted with permission by White Nationalist Author Billy Roper

by Billy Roper

The ADL, which is an abbreviation of the organization’s full name, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (meaning ‘Brotherhood of the Circumcized’), is a Jewish hate group which was founded after a Jewish factory owner raped and murdered a little 13 year old White girl named Mary Phagan, pictured, whom the Jew Leo Frank had “working” for him. Since then they have been investigated repeatedly for promoting Zionist terrorism and committing acts of espionage against the United States on behalf of Israel. Because the overwhelming majority of the news and entertainment media in the United States today is owned or controlled by Jews, their anti-White statements are often repeated in the lugenpresse as if they were, well, gospel.

The terrible tragedy of the eighteen lost lives, and the many injured, aside, what happened in Florida is bitterly instructive about America’s future. We have become such a polarized and divided country, with both competing sides so entrenched, that there is no longer room for civil discourse or unity, even in grief. Yes, I was shocked and saddened by the brutal murders of innocent school children, as we all are. But both sides, whether you call them Red and Blue, Left and Right, or White and anti-White, now recognize that far worse tragedies, with far heavier losses of lives, are coming soon as America balkanizes into civil war. The fact that a civil war, which may not begin as, but will certainly end as, a racial civil war, is now inevitable is borne out by both sides’ reactions to the actions of Nikolas de Jesus Cruz. Both sides, together representing the majority of our divided nation which outweighs and outnumbers the establishment elite moderates trying desperately to hold the shrinking center together, did not hesitate to look at the school shootings from their own political perspectives. And then, to spin it accordingly.

Anti-gunners jumped at the chance to politicize the deaths into propaganda against the second amendment, to disarm Whites before the active civil war begins. Controlled media outlets prayed to the goddess of equality which they believe in that the shooter was White. Democrats and Republicans both framed him as belonging in the other camp, as did Communists and White Nationalists. The importance of the deaths of the innocents faded quickly, their use as political cannon fodder by all concerned becoming paramount. Some have been more dogmatic in this than others.

For instance, once it became clear that the picture of the young man wearing the Communist shirt, which had initially been identified as the shooter, was not actually him, it was removed from this website. In contrast, one will certainly not hear the controlled media issue a retraction of their kneejerk repeat of the ADL’s claim that Cruz was a White Nationalist. Not even when the ADL itself is forced to issue a reluctant admission that he was not. They want to blame, and disarm, Whites. Just remember that in the future, when the controlled media, the fake news, tells you that some act of violence was committed by a “White Nationalist”. They have an openly anti-White agenda to push, and they are not above lying to do it.

For me, as horrible as those deaths were, I know that the politicization of their loss by both sides against the middle will speed up the radicalization of both camps, and accelerate the coming balkanization. The longer that takes to happen, the more innocent children will die in this cold, grinding ethnic conflict which has been created by the loss of our sense of an organic identity as a nation and a people. We are no longer a high trust, homogeneous nation, so we must endure these acts of psychopathy until we are no longer one nation at all. I grieve for the schoolchildren in Florida as a sick patient with gangrene creeping up his leg grieves the loss of his toes. Sadly, worse is coming. Those who promoted open borders, multiculturalism, and diversity created this sick society, steadily dying until its constituent parts are amputated into separateness.

The Jews in the ADL and the controlled media will now quietly shift gears again, using the tragedy to try to disarm Whites before the shooting war starts.

On the other hand, the sooner that balkanization happens, the better. By “better”, objectively, I mean the fewer the number of lives will be lost, of those now living and those yet to be born, and the “better” the future will be, for all of us. Hasten The Day.