Matthew Heimbach and the left, will the real Jeff Schoep please stand up!

Journalist Vegas Tenold spent six years following this DC puppet Heimbach around and from reading his book and talking to other National Socialist and Klansmen some things are starting to come to light.

His book

Everything You Love Will Burn: Inside the Rebirth of White Nationalism in America

This book was written as he followed TWP leader Heimbach and NSP leader Schoep around for quite some time.

At a Pennsylvania rally Heimbacher as those Texas boys call him let his real feelings be known in regards to Klansmen and his love of the black race.

Jeff Schoeps National Socialist party has been drinking the koolaid, as they went along with Heimbach and Schoep who brought a Iranian sand nigger looking Muslim along to speak. He’s an actual NSM member.

Watch this video

Those Texas boys like to got into a fight over this kinky haired Iranian and left the Nationalist front over this and other issues. Folks I been around a long time and Heimbacher and a fag named Milo are not the first to be sent into our movement to steer people to the left.

We don’t play the game on the enemy’s field we play it on ours. All year in 2017 we watched two undercover moles who have been in every group under the sun for their Jewish puppetmasters.

What were they doing? Attempting to unify the movement into marching into the set up in Charlotsville.

Who organized Charlottesville? Mathew Heimbach. I’ve tried to wake these younger folks up till I’m blue in the face. They are using you like “Goyim” cattle or insects for their agenda.

They needed you evil Klansmen and National Socialists in the streets for THEIR agenda not yours. Quit being stupid blind sheep.

These people just come out of nowhere and are instantly put all over the news by design, that shoulda been your first clue White boy.

There agenda is to use you to help stir up their base, and take our movement so far to the left that Iranian sandniggers and fags can join.

Those Texas boys were shocked to see Heimbacher and Schoep bring an Iranian Sandnigger speaker along and let there feelings be known when they hit the podium.

Now in Texas every sandniggra is a Muslim, we don’t know if Allah whispers in his ear but he sure did his ancestors. Point is, the dude ain’t white. I once saw a Kludd in the Klan dark as a Mexican and those idiots swallowed his koolaid story that he was Greek till I showed up.

Would the real Jeff Schoep please stand up! As we are confused, and your members ain’t happy with you swallowing Heimbachers Jew pill.

Since when do National Socialists promote damn Iranian sand niggras for office? Someone in the NSP needs to give Mr Schoep the antidote before it’s too late.

We use to call these folks like Heimbach”handlers” The FBI wants to infiltrate but its the ADL-SPLC types that send folks in to try to redirect our movement.

Now I’m not accusing Heimbacher of being a Jew puppet yet, but he sure smells like one. Maybe he drank too much Koolaid too. He was trained in a Washington DC think tank and it’s his words in Pennsylvania that give him away.

What is Heimbacher trying to recruit? The younger crowd. Hey we got a lot of seriously pissed off young people nowadays as they see they have no future ahead. So here’s comes Heimbacher with his Superman costume out of nowhere.

I’ve dealt with reporters and media for years, and this guy seems to get on tv at will. He’s got that inside track by design.

Wake up Jeff and you younger folks duped into joining the TWP. It isn’t too late. Milo is what gets me, if some of you sheep can’t see that fag was sent in by the Jew, you are really a special kind of stupid.

Steer us to the left, get us to march for THEIR agenda geez y’all need to quit drinking the koolaid. We must regain control of the pro White movement at all costs. These puppets need to be driven into the ocean.

A unabashed and unrepentant race mixer and Muslim lovers and those like Heimbacher who just love blacks should be avoided like the plague.

It goes much deeper, as now they are busting up forums like TRS and creating there own like the purity spiral. I was sent to the purity spiral forum and it looked ok, then the mod saw me and told me they dont like Klansmen and banned me!

See folks, these Jew puppets seek to divide and conquer it’s a very old strategy the Jew loves. They sure dont want to see me show up as when I see em I point a light at them. Me and those like me who have been around can spot those chameleons hiding on their new Purity Spiral forum that was created to destroy another one and take the members and steer them further to the left. They almost pissed on themselves when Klarn ” me” hit the forum. The train the dumb sheep routine would soon be over when I show up.

The White Nationalist movement has been picking up speed over the NWO plan to destabilize all White countries with third world immigrants and just like clockwork Heimbacher comes flying in like superman. Milo is sent in to make us look like fags. Its just the same old, same ole on a different day. Maybe Heimbach is just ignorant to this movements history and our enemy’s history to destroy us. I have no clue.

We have seen a Jewish Imperial Wizard sent into the Klan already so this ain’t nothing new for this old boy. Young folks just want to join up with what they see on the phone screen that resembles their beliefs, and the Jew obliges by letting em see Heimbach alot.

The young crowd seems to be awaken to the Jew but little else, some of them are proud race mixers some are Muslim lovers. They need to be guided in the right direction as men like Heimbach don’t have a Damn clue what they are doing.

They need direction and the Jew knows it, as hell him and his puppets make up about 25 % of our pro White movement.

So here comes Superman!

Here’s how the Sandniggers at AL Jezzeera put it after evidently talking to the man


Heimbach is the leader and founder of the Traditionalist Youth Network, a nationalist high school and college organization that, according to its website, aims to speak against “the united voices of decadence, individualism, Marxism and modernity.” While the group claims to accept members from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.”

The last sentence says it all, that’s not White Nationalism, no matter how much the kikes push it.

Wake up ya Damn fools, come join with awakened men building the future.

Non Silba Sed Anthar