Memphis mayor should be hauled out of city hall in handcuffs

My oh my here we go again! Now even the press agree with me.
Mayor Jim Strickland, now folks that’s one of the biggest white cucks on this planet, here is a picture of this clown.

This disgusting piece of human excrement and his band of Negros just desecrated the grave of Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife in the middle of the night like the yellow cowards they are.

Jim Strickland sounded the Alarm bell of attack against Whites, White History and our Ancestors graves. Now folks, ask yourself what kind of man desecretes the grave of an American Veteran and his wife? I can tell you “a very nutty one.”

People like this Son of a !!!!! deserve a special seat in hell next to his father the devil. To me he’s not much different than a child molester. He’s certainly no Christian man as he would fear the wrath of our Lord.

Now I’m not asking anyone to send this nut to hell, just stating the facts as I see it. Child molesters and grave desecreters do deserve a special seat in hell. His chair is engraved I’m sure.

Messing with folks family, especially the dead ones is risky business. Mighty risky business, one would be correct to wonder while doing such a disgusting act if the good Lord would send a Phinas Priest down from Heaven to avenge the evil that comes from the mind of Lucifer and Mayor Jim the Negro pandler.

Memphis is an urban hellhole! It’s besieged by Black death, it’s a fitting place for such a man to reside. Speaking for me and a few more, we hope he rots in Memphis, while he waits to rot in Hell.

The good Lord willing, hopefully that won’t be long.

Seig Heil

Non Silba Sed Anthar