Negro loses 5th Circuit Court decision to change Mississippi’s flag

You lose! Groups like the Mississippi Rising Coalition have been getting thousands in donations to fight for the change of our flag, yet this Negro had to spend 15 grand out of his own pocket which goes to show you that the radical left homosexuals behind the Mississippi Rising Coalition are in it for the money.

Over 70% of Mississippians voted to keep our flag in 2001. Including negro Mississippians. We don’t piss upon our ancestors in Ms and if this goes to the Supreme Court they had better weigh their decision wisely as any tyrannical action to change the flag voted in by the people is an act of tyranny. One that will ring the bell of revolution.

We are under boycott from many liberal states and corporations and we care not! You keep your liberal views, mud races and money we will keep our Flag our God and common sense. 

For whom does the bell toll? Today it was for our glorious Confederate ancestors who fought against tyranny until they could fight it no more. We will never and I mean ever piss upon our ancestors graves and that’s something this Supreme Court better remember or it may toll for the ghosts of our glorious ancestors in the form of modern rebel yells.

See in Mississippi we bow to no man nor his money only God. 

Heil Victory! Heil Liberty and to hell with Tyrants.