Public schools need armed guards not liberalism!

Good evening, I like many have watched some of President Trumps sit down with parents and the living students from Florida who were not shot down by the Jewish “animal” as one father put it.

This animal has serious mental issues. He was born to a Jewish mother and God only knows what type of Latino father, so he, being the byproduct of such was given away for adoption.

First of all, his mudsharking Jew mom should have had to raise the animal she created. I don’t want to dwell on the race mixing issue but this issue is what creates many mental issues “from birth” for such children.

The Public School system for years has been perverted from its original purpose which was to teach kids reading, writing and arithmetic. Today our schools are basically training grounds for liberal ideas and policys. Black children are given their own month where other kids are forced to listen to black history as if it’s better than their own for example.

This type of liberal BS teaches kids that some races are preferred above others. Mentally ill children are not put into special education as it was called when I went to school. Now they are placed in the classrooms with the normal students which brings the entire class down, as the teacher must devote huge amounts of his or her time to trying to bring a kid with issues up to speed.

Kids with violent tendencies and other mental issues don’t get ass whoopings like when I was a kid. They are put in timeout then they are told that it’s a video games fault, social media or the White man. This teaches them that they are not responsible for there own actions as they must have been driven to it by society. That’s the current liberal logic of today and is often used in courtrooms.

Contrary to what the liberal future Communists teach you, I nor many like me are monsters We are just seriously pissed off White American patriots. I feel for the parents and the kids in Florida. I have children and much like the other parents i would be angry too.

The problem of school shootings has not been stopped because it’s been made a political issue for rabid communists and others who want to disarm you and some on my side who know that any gun control laws are just a stepping stone for the liberal radicals.

The solution is simple folks, a Federal program that puts trained armed guards at every school in this country and this should have been put in place after the first one.

Most schools are made “Gun free” zones making them prime targets of physcopaths. That’s the mind of a liberal for you. Its way past time for you airheads to get a dose of reality. If it’s not an AR 15 it could be a bus, bomb, kitchen knife or a refrigerator. Guns don’t kill people, ” people” kill people, the weapon does not matter.

So here’s some good ol country logic for American parents today. Make sure your kids schools are protected by armed guards like they are in Israel or take them out.

Kinda simple isn’t it?

Simple is something a liberal future Communist just doesn’t understand so he attacks the weapon, and the White man.

The foolish notion that we should give up our arms because some liberals are so stupid they dont see the reality of the situation is nonsense.

To agree to armed guards, is going against their Communist gun grab agenda. So they continue to send their kids to schools to be butchered by animals. I’m sure the liberal parents of some of the dead children now curse their liberal philosophy that has led directly to the deaths of their children.

Our schools today have been driven to the left, they are basically social experiments and they have been driven away from there intend purpose of teaching our children. Why? Because things like

Black history

Sex education

The liberal list goes on and on and is pushed by liberals over education. Kids are taught to be atheists or muslim or anything non Christian. We should have put an end to this type of nonsense years ago.

I assure you these trained liberals are training your kids to be future liberals in the public school system and most colleges of today.

They have been trained from birth into the slippery slope of liberalism. If your waiting around for them to awake to common sense and reality then I may had better make a pot of coffee, as your going to be waiting a long damn time.

That leaves you one choice, take your kids out of the public school liberal training system and put them into academy’s or religious schools that have not swallowed the Marxist hook and provide armed guards at all entrances.

That’s just some common sense your Grandfather would agree with.

You can go back to blaming the weapon now!

These liberal radicals are more dangerous than any Klansmen has ever thought of being. They are ignorant of the history of country’s that swallowed the gun control hook.

My hero’s have always been Cowboys and in the days of the old west we didn’t have this problem as everyone had a gun and every town had a noose and a tall oak tree.

You can deny the race mixing part of my post if you want. But remember this, many blacks are the descendents of cannibals. Diluting your White bloodline with such will cause issues and that’s why God separated all races man or beast.

Someone emailed me that I was probably happy kids were killed in Florida, again I’m not a monster, I just follow the same philosophy and teachings that my Ancestors sailed across the pond with. My ancestors were involved in the founding of this country. My ancestors on both sides fought in the American Revolution and both sides of the Civil war and every war since. So when i say I follow the philosophy of some of the earliest Americans I mean it.

Our religion has been perverted by false Jews. I can assure you I believe the same way my Ancestors who landed in Jamestown believed.

They carried Geneva Bibles not King James, they bowed to no King, only God. I seek to return our country to its founding and for that, me and those like me are persecuted by Liberal Communists.

Again I’m no monster nor are most White Nationalists I know. Maybe it’s about time you liberals lay the pipe down and listen about our school system, if not you can continue to bury your children while you blame the gun.

Choice is yours