Steven Howard ” The Wannabe KKK Fraud”

I got this video sent to me on Gab from some made up account by the name of Billy Smith. It turned out to be Steven Howard the disgraced fraud who was once the Mississippi White Knights Ms Grand Dragon before A@E contacted him the first time. He then stole most of their members essentially shutting down the MWK and created a new group called the North Mississippi White White Knights.

He left because the Mississippi White Knights wanted no part of A@E and its money. Well Howard immediatly got A@E back on the phone and got paid a big hunk of change to do his first tv show, you can read about it here.

Well, as soon as the show was done and Howard got paid, he split the NNWK up as he was blowing the money like a kid in a candy store. He left his gal, quit paying on a truck given to him to help him back up on his feet by a fellow member of the NMWK and split town.

Some of those guys came to me wanting the United Dixie White Knights to take them in, to which we did. Well immediatly i had to cut one Wife loose who called me at all hours of the day and night complaining about her husband.

Then one by one they dropped like flies. We were the real Klan not the drunken nightmare Steven Howard had brought them up in. Mike Clayton who he mentions in his video over and over was indeed Steven Howards Imperial Nighthawk.

Clayton was also the leader of the NMWK after Steven Howard quit and skipped town with the first A@E video money. I took those boys in, as they seemed distraught at Howards nightmare and did not know what to do, and obviously did not know shit about the Klan.

They wanted Steven Howards head on a platter to be frank. They wanted him banished for everything from allegably screwing another members wife to stealing their robe money.

Several charges were made and being i took the highest ranking men left in Howards NMWK organization who are now the rightfull owners as Howard quit, they held a vote shut the NMWK down and merged into the UDWK.

There last order of business was to file charges against Howard in a hearing in front of the UDWK board in which i was the IW. Howard was notified but by now had fled to the West Coast and did not show.

At the hearing, many serious charges were levied. Theft being the most serious and provable offense so was hugging Daryl Davis the Negro Klanbuster while taking money while reading a script for A@E Network and drukenness. Several more that i can not even remember and don’t want to, as this man is the biggest fraud i have ever seen.

His banishment was a unanamous decision and the formal paperwork was sent to Howard and other members as well as some of the press he had been hugging for money.

All got quite with Howard then he pops back up to do a second A@E video ” He claims in the video above that he was paid 20,000 dollars to do the second video.” He read his script, hugged some more niggras and split town again.

He attempted to use the NMWK name again to dupe A@E and also called in a few Klansmen from other unchartered fake groups who had no idea A@E cameras were on the scene, to make it appear he had a group, to make the 20,000 bucks.

Howard was paid to go to a Pennsylvania rally put on by the Nationalist Front ran by Mathew Hiembach and NSM leader Jeff Schoup by A@E as well. It’s all smokescreen and bullshit folks! These folks are actors nothing more or less.

Folks, i have banished very few in my time as UDWK Imperial Wizard but i can say that if i have ever enjoyed banishing someone from the Klan, it was this fraud Steven Howard.

Look at him in the video bouncing like a monkey! He is obviously drunk on the beer he is drinking in the video. He admits shaking Daryl Davis the Negro Busters hand but omits the hug we all saw. He pops his shirt which contains a Mioak ” Mystic Identification of A Klansman” while calling ME a biggot. He cusses using the Lords name in vain, which is a no no in the Klan as well as a violation of the Ten Commandments. He is a fraud from beginning to end.

He admits taking the Jews at A@E money to read a script and make a mockery of our Noble order! He is pure White Trash! He is so drunk and slurred Google cant understand him to switch songs.

He says he’s coming back to Mississippi. Evidently to play Klan again hoping some Jew will pay him. He challenged me to a fight! Lol! Mr Howard i think its safe to say i have nothing to gain by fighting you, your done in this movement.

He mentions Mike Clayton having a half breed Mexican Kid as if thats going to smear me! Folks in the video which he made as a type of childish threat he admits he knew Mike had a half breed kid in his youth, yet as already stated Steven Howard swore him in and made him an Imperial officer.

Mike never mentioned a half breed Kid here, and we also swore in his current White Wife and met his current White kids! I had no knowledge of any illigitamite kid and only recently found out about it.

Mike after being summoned down here over a year ago for a disciplinary hearing resigned to according to his statement ” Get his life together.”

Mike like so many Americans devoloped a drug problem and we were summoning him down to discuss it. He resigned rather than face a tribunal. He resigned from the old UDWK in Febuary of last year. He is in jail now for Cocaine possesion.

Mr Howard your childish threats are actually funny, i laughed so hard i fell out of my chair. You are in need of mental help, You are no Movie Star sir, and you obviously were never a Klansman. Thanks for making a video proving our point.

Non Silba Sed Anthar