Syrian Blood is on our hands

Good morning, I imagine many of you are so caught up in the latest Trump Russia smokescreen put out by CNN

” Communist News Network”

that you are oblivious to the global conquest games being waged in your name. The Syrian terrorism our Government is practising is a tyrannical NWO action as Congress has not declared war against Syria.

These type of illegal wars have consequences White boy! Your no longer safe outside our Country, and for that matter inside it, due to the globalist tyranny in charge of the former Republic of America since 1865.

Oil is the name of the game in Syria and the entire Middle East for that matter. Your government is basically backing Indian terrorist savages against the legitamite government of Syria. One of our allies is Turkey, this country had to issue a statement demanding US troops pull off the terrorist army uniforms they are wearing, as it makes it impossible for the Turks to tell the difference between the Terrorists and American Armed Forces supporting them operating illegally in Syria and the Kurdish terrorist scum. It may shock you but it doesn’t me.

Think about that for a second guys, our Turkish Allies had to issue a statement to get our soldiers to drop the uniforms of terrorists. It makes my damn blood boil! Do not under any circumstances let your children join today’s military.

If these globalists and hook nosed bastards want the oil, then go fight for it with your own blood not the blood of American Patriots!

I only wish I could run the guillotine at the end of the final battle. The tyrants will have you believe we can’t afford to build a wall to protect our own damn country while secretly practising a war that costs you billions for oil.

Please wake up White boy before it’s too late, you better get on this train with me before your children have no future at all.

Years ago Americans and our soldiers were cheered around the world, not today for good damn reason. We are practising terrorism in many country’s around the world.

By fake news estimates 2,000 US soldiers are on the ground in Syria, our intel shows it’s closer to 8,000. They always underestimate to throw off the costs.

Hold on I will be right back, Navy- Coast Gaurd Jets are flying over my camp pretty low I’m scared I may be bombed, I’ll be right back.

Whew, now I know what a Syrian feels when he hears the Jets of freedom coming, utter fear! They sure have been flying mighty low over Leakesville since we started speaking out against the globalist tyranny our Government has been waging.

The FBI not long ago buzzed my camp so hard with a chopper it almost turned over, so my fear is real. Fuck em and feed em fish heads as I’m gonna practise my right of free speech or die trying.

For years our media was silent on the illegal wars fought out of view of the media camera by design. I’ve lived long enough to witness them no longer hiding it and actually reporting it.

Where is the media outrage? Can they not read our Constitution and rules of war? Sure they can. Wake up Whitey, your media is nothing but propaganda.

The leader of Syria is a blue eyed White man. Syria is correct in waging war against Kurdish Terorists who have illegally seized the land around the Syrian oil patch.

Imagine if the Choctow Indians rose up and seized Texas, and the Russians landed and helped them. That’s what’s going on in Syria folks, except you can replace the Choctows with the Kurds and Russians with American.

Tyranny in the latter stages is open, not hidden, and that’s where we are folks. A dictatorship run by a globalist cartel soon follows.

There is only two solutions to our tyrannical problem. Vote the bastards out or Revolution. Being that both political party’s are firmly under the control of Jewish money our future is set in stone.

Until the day of the final battle, we will continue to shine the light of truth on our Tyrannical government and its global conquest desires. As always the AAN will leave the light on for all tyrants, queers, and political puppets.

Until the day we march to restore freedom while shouting skol like our Viking ancestors we will continue to report the actions of tyrants.

These Tyrants have no God, there God is money. These illegal Wars are fought by the Goyim and others with their children’s blood.

The only war White Children should be fighting in the future is one to take back our country from the vipers and puppets. It’s time to cut the puppet masters string, and yank his ass out of the balcony.

Awake, Arise or be Forever Fallen.