Texas Rebel Knights Podium

People the extreme left are wanting to take your 2nd amendments rights away and if we don’t take a stand at this time they will take it away just like they are taking away our Confederate monuments and our Confederate flags.

White people have been sitting back and doing nothing, while they are taking our rights away.
If you have not noticed the illegals have more rights than we do. The illegal aliens are breaking the law when they cross our borders illegally into our country, but they have more rights than you do.

I can not stress enough for Whites to take a stand at this time.
If you listen to the fake news like MSNBC and CNN and almost all the others except Fox, well they are fake news. If you don’t see what they are doing you would have to be brain dead as they should be charged with treason.

Whites have to look to the future for our children. Black lives matter can burn down cities and cause riots and nothing is done to them at all. Whites get out of line a little bit and they are arrested.

If you are a Nigger Lover – Race mixer or Homosexual, well we have no use for you. If you are a US citizen and a Christian and want to join a Christian organization that will stand up for the White race and will fight the fight. The TEXAS REBEL KNIGHTS OF THE KKK are looking for you.
please contact us at

P.O.BOX 2529

Or our HOTLINE at 903-268-6975

Imperial Wizard