The American Alliance of Klans

Saturday March 11, 2017 in Dixie County Florida The American Alliance of Klans was formed up with the signing of the Bell Florida Protocols at the inaugural rally hosted by the Knights of the White Disciples.

The Knights of the White Disciples, The East Coast Knights, the United Dixie White Knights and other Invisible Klan orders reached a unanmous vote to form up the Alliance. A Document titled the Bell Florida Protocols was signed by all three Imperial Wizards. Paul, Brent and Tom and after some fellowship, speeches and a night that ended with a beautiful cross lighting, we all traveled back home to work on the AAOK.

I would like to thank the KOTWD for hosting a fine Rally. Especially Grand Dragon Solo, IW Paul, IW Tom and the lady’s who cooked the food.

Update ” Walter Fairchild is the New elected Grand Dragon for UDWK in the realm of Georgia” Walter has 9 years under Warren Folks old Militant White Knights and has been a well respected White Nationalist during his time working for the movement. He has a lifetime in the pro white movement.

Update ” Jim Fowler is elected as the new Grand Dragon of Tennessee.

The American Alliance of Klans except petitions for citizenship in all lower 48 states.

Visible Alliance member websites, some remain invisible

American Alliance of Klans Magnolia News Network footage of the Dixie county Florida innagural rally click here.

American Alliance of Klans video click here.