The Chameleon

This work comes from Essays of a Mississippi Klansman

By United Dixie White Knights Imperial Wizard Brent Waller

The Chameleon is a strange looking lizard that has the ability to change colors. It is found in many areas of the world, and comes in many shapes and sizes. They have stereoscopic vision and independently moving eyes. Combine this with an extremely long sticky forked tounge and he may be the ultimate almost unseen predator in the world.

We have many Chameleons in the pro White Nationalist and America first movement. Some disguise themselves to join our ranks,some sit upon thrones of power.Most are prostitutes sent by the usual suspects.Their masters fear any sense of Nationalism, and White brains with the genes of Aryan Warriors banding together.

Only the White race and our second amendment stand in the way of a public New World Order, so their fear is justified. Brother Louis Beam warned of the coming age and its now upon us. Our Supreme Court is stacked with puppets, both political party's are filled with prostitutes and puppets,and an all out war is being waged for the very soul of America.

They use groups of sheep like Black lives matter and various open border groups to advance their cause. Their prostitutes on the many NWO propaganda outlets some call " News" beat the drum of the call the sheep are trained to answer. Borders and walls are not in their mix of evil intentions to rule the world. One world government of the richest men in the world is coming closer each passing year. These anarchist groups are funded by various NWO and Communist brains and fronts, there intentions are clear and they must be defeated.

They send out Chameleons from various alphabet soup agency's, and vile groups like The Southern Poverty Law Center. They infiltrate, entrap and cause arguments and instability in the very midst of well intentioned patriots. They will go to any length and seek out weaker men, they especially like alcoholics, felons, and leaders of groups with weak morals combined with alcohol and drugs.

They entrap them, and use them as prostitutes, they plant wires on them, invent Hollywood stories about them, and turn them into informants for their own purposes. They get them to give evidence, plant evidence, and destroy from within. They then attack any honorable men who speak out against them. They call them names like Jew, agent, and Judas. They will spare nothing in the attempt to silence any man who speaks out against the Chameleons within our midst.

They invent false fronts, and take over groups because some who lead, should have never been in a position of leadership in the first place. They use whatever weakness they can find to stick the Chameleons long sticky lounge around. Felons are easy targets, so are alcoholics and drug abusers. 

Once the tounge sticks to a target he is helpless to break away. Some Chameleons targets are easily identified, yet for some strange reason the sheep who follow such, will blindly follow them to slaughter!  They will look at the evidence and ask questions, but soon the Chameleons masters will beat their drums,and much like a mother wolf protects her pups,they will go to any extent to protect their sticky prostitute.

Their prostitutes will beat the drum of the propaganda we call press, their cohorts will spring forth on the many online forums to surround and protect and paint those who speak the truth in the stench of their own foul odor. They will go to any length they can, they will invent fiction, and publicize arrests of Chameleons who are chosen to die upon their swords.

They hate a Klansman like me, if I see them I point and speak loudly, I yell to the top of my lungs. Many will say why? Many will say we need unity, but folks unity can not be had with a wolf in sheep's clothing nor a Chameleon in disguise. We must identify the Chameleons and cut it's damn head off " expose it". 

Unity can only be had when the cancer is cut out, stomped out and hung from the mighty oak tree of resistance. There cannot be unity with any group where the devil himself rules from his throne. Always keep your ears and eyes open and your powder dry. Never listen to a blind sheep, trust your instincts.

Social media is something the Chameleon changes his colors to invade, he makes up names like Johnny Akia, and Ayak Simmons, a few go so low as to use our first Grand Wizards name. The sheep leave their friends list open on social media like book face. The Chameleon then just jumps from list to list. They will say well " Billy had him on his friends list."
How soon they forget the teachings of their elders, they recruit openly on Jew book, knowing its owned by an enemy of high intelligence. You say you disagree with that? Bookface is now the best spy program ever invented. The CIA must marvel and envy Zuckerbug. Once they realized what a goldmine he had invented, they soon placed their eavesdropping computers directly in bookfaces computer centers.
Whites better wake up, and mighty damn fast. If he doesn't wake up it will take much stretched hemp and rivers filled with the stench of blood and death to undue what most have turned a blind eye too. I will always leave the light on for the Chameleons in our midst, when I see one, I will immediately put my boots on to squash the living shit out of him. His brothers will cry, bitch and moan! I care not. I only serve the fiery cross of God and the freedom fought for with my ancestors blood.

One day the may shoot me in the back while I feed my chickens or entrap me if they can, but I would rather die than surrender. The future of my children scares the living hell out of me, as it should you about yours. Will our children live a life knowing they are slaves unlike the hidden slavery to the dollar we are under now? 

Those who promote a lone wolf stratagy are fools, the only chance we have is as a White army of Aryan warriors. The Chameleons know this, so they set out on a course of destruction from within. I often wade through forums filled with the ever changing Chameleons to try to find the honorable man and women who want to preserve a future for our children. 

I place myself in danger everyday while many who claim to be a part of this movement hide behind computers. You cannot beat anyone with a computer, you beat em with politics, blood, guts and steel. Never, ever underestimate the value of fine Kentucky Hemp. Chameleons bleed so do prostitutes and whores. The real enemy will only use puppets, he has never been man enough to fight for the world using his own fists, so it's the puppets strings we must cut. 

If you are an honorable white man join the United Dixie White Knights. We need you, your children need you and the more eyes around to see these little lizards the better. If you see a Chameleon on your porch, stomp the shit out of him, if you can't do it call me. Time is drawing near. The lone star now shines over America, we must answer its call! 

We must turn loose the dogs and the Fiery Cross of God. We must return to an American first philosophy, we must defeat the Communist agenda, we must restore a future for our children. We must drive out the enemy's agenda and return our currency back in control of Americans. 

As always I will leave the light on for those who seek to destroy God, America and the White race, including these little lizards who change colors with the breeze. 

Death before Dishonor

Imperial Wizard Brent Waller
United Dixie White Knights