The Daca Bullshit Scam

Americans voted for a wall due to years of both political party’s ignoring our laws by allowing an illegal Latin invasion. Our border and the Alamo are forgotten by those who lust for a New World Order and open borders.

As we see even President Trump supports illegal immigrants as he has doubled the number he supports letting in. It is all a smokescreen as the number Trump puts forth is the actual number of illegals let in under this illegal program that comes from the Obama administration.

Trump will lose next election if he continues down this path, he should know this, so that tells me its all just bullshit. Our country is in bad shape and it is about damn time these political puppets recognize our laws and our border.

Remember the Alamo you traitorous bastards as by God we do!

Let the deportations begin or we will remember that you support foreign illegals over your own citizens. You Republicans are not fooling anyone but the sheep. You want cheap labor as bad as Democrats want illegal votes.

The pitchforks will be out in full force next election if you continue to ignore our laws and spit in the face of those who elected you. You will reap what you sow! Your attempts to destroy our country will NEVER be forgotten.

Heil Victory!