The Damn Democrat

The Democratic party is so far gone down the road to cuckdom that in my view it can never be resurrected. Democrats nowadays are basically the party for foreigners and those who want to rape, rob and live off the White race they loathe.

They want open borders, hordes of Muslims and other third world scum along with every gay frootloop in this land.

Welcome to the New Democratic party!

They love to waive the rainbow flag of homosexual deviants. Their leadership is so desperate for votes they literally bend over for Sodomy, and take it.

If you think about it, Trumps joke about treason is on point. These people literally want to destabilize this country and put your job and life in danger for a few blind sheep foreign voters!

They have been using the old Jew trick of crying racism for so long that people no longer look when they cry wolf. Americans are finally catching on, it’s about damn time.

It is treason when you attempt to use a notoriously corrupt agency like the FBI to overthrow a President. It is treason when you prefer foreign scum to your own people. Last time I checked snowflake, aiding our enemy’s is treason.

They are led by radicals who literally want to overthrow this country, I ask you, is that not treason? Both party’s bow to Jew money, even ol Trump put on the Jew Beenie and prayed to a wall in contradiction to the bible to appease the vipers in Israel.

Democrats take it much further, they have allowed themselves to be taken over by feminists, communists, and queer frootloops. They knowingly elected a Niggra named Obama who was born in Kenya and rushed to Hiwaii and given a second birth certificate.

The man is a foreign born son of a Cia agent and a White mudshark. He never had any business being elected anything and by turning the other cheek and electing such, Democrats surly commited treason.

What is really shocking to see especially for me, is the fact that blacks are awakening to the fact that they are being used by the Democratic party, it sure took the dumbasses long enough!

For years stupid Niggras marched to the polls to vote for their own demise. I guess they finally got enough white blood in those black veins to get some sense.

While the subhuman was awakening from his stupor the Democratic leadership was moving like lightning to bring in wetbacks and other Latin trash to replace them. Really these Niggras must be a special kind of stupid.

Now the Niggra race is behind the Latin invasion in terms of population. They are competing for jobs and losing, the slice of the pie for the Negro has grown much smaller.

You voted to send your children’s prosperity down the drain numbnuts, all for Jose and his. That crack must be some good shit.

It’s all a dog and pony show with Jewish and Catholic puppetmasters sure enough even on the Republican side, but we don’t see Republicans tearing down American history and monuments and promoting anarchy.

The Niggra will never wake up, he is just genetically programmed to follow whatever slick Jew puppet pulls his string. Feminazies are even worse, these white cucks are so far gone down the road to immorality and insanity they can never be repaired no matter how much therapy they receive in the way of rape, murder and mayhem at the hands of the mongrel hordes they love.

A great war is coming, one that will make the American Civil War look like child’s play. Much of the blame for this war will lay squarely at the door of the Democratic party.

You Snowflakes, Communists, Fags and Foreigners forgot one damn thing! You idiots don’t like guns remember? You will lose. We love ours.

Remember the Alamo you traitorous bastards as by God we do.

Sieg Heil