The Day the Bundys were set free

Today marks a day American Patriots through Patriots on a Jury defeated the Federal Government.

A federal judge has declared a mistrial in the case against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, saying U.S. prosecutors willfully withheld critical and “potentially exculpatory” evidence from the defense. Go figure, turns out the Government lawyers released over 3,000 pages of evidence ” After” the trial started!

Now everyone has heard by now of the Bundy’s, they were Cattle ranchers who grazed cows on public land and have long had a running fued with Uncle Sam. They also participated in an armed standoff in Oregon which resulted in the murder of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum a man that gave all, he was ambushed by armed Federal Agents set up in a trap.

Finicums case disturbed me greatly and reminded me of a similar incident from years ago when I first became a member of this movement. Randy Weaver was set up and his wife and son murdered by jack booted thugs under the direction of the FBI. This incident better known as Ruby Ridge and another similar incident of gross Federal overreach in Waco Texas that resulted in the ” premeditated murder” of 74 people, known as the ” Siege at Waco.” Awakened the Aryan Warrior within me.

These incidents lit a fire under me and many more in the White Nationalist and American Militia movement. They were the warning bells for us. Weaver’s case very much troubled me as it reminded me of the Murder of Kathy Ainsworth and her unborn child in Meridian, Mississippi. Randy Weaver was a White Nationalist down on his luck, he was the subject of a Government entrapment scheme and zelous Federal Agents looking for promotion. His wife and son were killed for, ahhh being a wife and son, we are after all just dust to be swept at the whim of Government desire.

Today marks a win for the team, at press time i have not heard whether Uncle Sam intends to retry them. None of this matters in the case of Finicum, he gave all. He died in the snow, shot down like a dog by Zogs henchmen! I hope I live long enough to see a monument erected in Washington DC of Robert Levoy Finicum.

These types of encounters no doubt will continue, as our Government has long been trying to entrap, incarcerate and murder American Patriots. It’s sad in the case of Finicum, he was a good man and this was not necessary. He died not in vain, he will long be remembered as a martyer.

How many more must die? How many more good men, and men down on their luck attempting to survive? Three cheers for the Bundy’s and

Heil Victory!


The Federal Judge in this case dismissed the case with prejudice and released Mr Bundy from prison 1/08/17 This was the only outcome the Judge could pass as almost all the evidence was hidden from the Bundy’s and sprung on them after the trial had started. Such a deliberate rookie mistake makes one wonder if Uncle Sam was deliberately throwing in the towel.