The Final Battle

Taken from Essays of a Mississippi Klansman

Published May 24th in the year of our Lord 2017
Ok, if Donald Trump is our saviour as i’ve heard many say, then what’s next? Many White Nationalists who propelled him to become the President of the United States have already jumped off the Trump bandwagon with a loud splat. If we are at the end of a political solution then what is in store for the White Children of God?

Simple, a very large Final Battle. A war that will be a gurilla war in nature, fought worldwide! The final battle that is surly coming toward us like a runaway train will be a war unlike any we have ever seen. It will be vicious, destructive and decisive. It will make the Civil War look like a play.

Sound gloomy? I have never sugar-coated anything and folks I hate to tell you this but it’s gonna happen sooner rather than later. Every sign in this world points to what I say is true. This will not be Russian vs American, it will be the people against the greedy capitalist’s, freedom against oppression, people vs tyrants. 

Our money system is on the verge of collapse, our country is in a virtual stanglehold held by corporations, foreign bankers, foreign agendas and yes these damn false Jews! This two bit shit you see us engage in nowdays on TV is not war. It’s New World Order games. Nation building and conquering the last worldwide holdouts money systems are what’s really going on.

We simply can’t support the population of the world much longer. The attempts by the NWO to pump millions of savages they call immigrants into all white Nations is a quick fix. The next phase will be much bloodier. Whites will be forced to wake up once they see our prosperity and our children’s future is being stolen to feed Jose and Kunta Kinta and the rest of the savages in this world. Will it be too late? Only God knows that answer.

When they do, rivers will flow with blood and corpses will be a common sight. You say I’m dreaming? Hardly I’m wide awake drinking coffee at night. It’s simple physics, what goes up must come down, that which you prop up with a stick will eventually collapse. In the past we fought wars every so many years since the beginning of man that kept our human population on this Earth in check. Not any more and our worldwide population has exploded into unsustainable proportions.

Today we are feeding a hell of alot of the mud races in this world, We are at a crossroads, so the NWO in order to stretch out a few more years are bringing in millions of third world scum to all white country’s​ to force us to feed them. This quick fix takes away jobs from our people and is turning America into some third world shithole at blazing speed.

It can’t continue, that’s a fact. Now we have tried the political solution over and over but folks, we lost this country in 1865, You have been misled by years of rewritten history and lies to believe different. Our political process and partys have long been compromised. We will never take this country back through politics, as it’s money driven and those damn Jews control the money. 

Did y’all see Trump put on the little Jew Beenie hat and go pray to a wall in clear contradiction to our Holy book! The sight made me physically ill. See even the rich and powerful know they must bow to these false Jews who finance them. Trump is no different and his actions show it.

Your getting no wall, no jobs and no prosperity, and the sooner you awaken to this fact the better. So should we roll over and prepare to die? Or should we prepare for the final battle being pushed upon us? Fight or die the choice is yours. Brother Louis Beam had it right. If you have been in this movement for any length of time and don’t know who the enemy is yet, then you are blind.

For years the Klan fought the Negro, the Chinks and Spics. Looking back it was fruitless, they are just puppets of Zog. We simply want to be separate from the savages and free of their culture. Our ancestors built a white homeland and a damn tyrant named Lincoln gave it away. Heil John Wilkes Booth! I hope I live long enough to see Lincoln’s Memorial destroyed by American Patriots and Booths memorial built in its place. I hope I live long enough to see people like Mitch Landreneau sentenced to hard rock busting labor. I hope Lucifer has a special seat in hell for that mudsharking bastard.

It was our original first era Klan that had it right, not the second. We must defeat the bastards by any means necessary. The only course of action that will save the former Republic of America is beach partys. Yes, you heard me right, Beach partys. These partys will be held at the end of the Final Battle. We must toss all the undesirables into the ocean to swim back to the Tyranny our ancestors sailed away from.

We don’t have to start the Final Battle as it’s surly coming faster than a speeding bullet. We must simply prepare for it. Whites need to band together. First let me say this for the millionth time, a lone wolf will not survive long, and he will most likely be the first to be eaten. Quit wasting your time every four years working to promote some Jewish Whore to public office. Do something to save your family and your race. Put back food, ammo, gas, water, and get things to barter with like ciggs and Whisky. These damn gold and silver coins on TV can’t be eaten, nor will a man needing food want it for trade. 

Next find a band of like minded white brothers and sisters. Get over the Jew TV bullshit and come join the only people who have ever stood for the White Man. The Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Get your ass off that fence before it’s too late. Do I sound outrageous to you? Good, I mean to awaken you before you witness cannibalistic savages eat your daughter.

Another sign that the NWO is stepping forth into another stage is public murders of dissenters like Seth Rich. The assassination of so many people who surrond the Clinton Dynasty is astounding. Well over thirty murders so far and counting. 

Let’s see, pump millions in as it’s getting to expensive to fly over food, kill the dissenters and imprison those like the Bundy’s who are too public in opposition to our evil Government. Disobedience to Tyranny is Obedience to God, never forget that. These politicians make me sick, but the blind sheep who believe a man like Trump will save us make me sicker.

I voted for the man as I damn sure was not voting for a Communist wench with so much blood on her coattails that a red line follows in her wake, but history has taught Southern men like me that nothing good has ever come our way via New York. We can not win politically, and we grow fewer in number each year and the third world scum your Government is pouring in grows stronger.

So get ready, a Final Battle is coming and it’s one we must win. Quit worrying about some job or whatever the hell is holding you back and climb down off that there fence ol boy, as in a few years there won’t be any work going on other than killing or being killed. Our holy book says, “If you do not have a sword sell your cloak and buy one.”

We need to start preparing for the final battle. Start selling your cloaks and get some American Steel in your hands, learn to use it. After years and years of being blind sheep led to slaughter you better! As the chopping block is up ahead, your journey is almost over. 

How did this happen to us? Simple greedy men sold your children’s future for a few Sheckles and perceived power. There are no more islands to sail to as our ancestors did. That fact makes the next battle the Final one. We must stand and fight! Heil Victory! Heil Victory! Heil Victory!

As always the United Dixie White Knights will leave the light of truth on for tyrants, false Jews and blind sheep! Until the day of the final battle when we drive the spear of Freedom through the cold black hearts of those who seek to destroy us. The Mississippi Ku Klux Klan will leave the light on, just for you.

Sieg Heil
Non Silba Sed Anthar 
IW Waller