The Ku Klux Klan in today’s time

Contrary to a lot of BS put out today by our enemies, there are only about 5 true Klans left in this country and a bunch of properly sworn Klansmen in areas where they have no Klan to call home. I see every Tom, Dick and Harry impostering us on social media. Gab, Facebook, Twatter you pick a platform and you will see many fraudulent Imperial Wizards, Klaliffs, Grand Dragon’s etc.

First let me educate you to this little tidbit of truth. All past Klan Imperial Wizards are known and elected. My name is Brent Waller and i am the elected Imperial Wizard of the UDWK. To be a proper Imperial Wizard one must have 7 years in the Klan, Grand Dragon’s must have 5. Taking a look around today, I can say without a doubt I am about the last of my kind, There are only a few true IW’s left and as far as I can tell, only 3 of us are properly elected, two of those reside in Mississippi. Most so called Klan leaders one sees online are imposters or straight up frauds. That’s a fact.

I see folks today online actually using the names of past Imperial Wizards! Men like Robert Sheltons name are used as their Social Media handle while advertising for some bullshit they invented and call Klan. This sticks in my craw, as Shelton did not use some fake name and everyone knew him as Robert Shelton. It’s on par with blasphemy to a Klansman like me!

The False Jews have done a great job of setting up false front Klans or sending Chameleons in to disrupt and take over others. People are duped into joining such, as that’s all they see on TV by design. Many join these fraudulent organizations and become disgusted quickly. Really, who can blame them? Many of these people then go start something and call it Klan. It’s like a washing machine stuck on spin cycle. News flash, anyone not ranked as a K Duo sworn Klansmen is just a probationary ” citizen” Your not a true Klansmen until you have taken the K Duo blood oath. Hence any guy starting a group without bona fide K Duo paperwork signed by a duly elected IW who was sworn by another true IW is a fraud!

I have witnessed these imposters rise and fall like drunken giants. Many White whore Chameleons working for the false Jew are given the title of Klansman by some fake ass Imperial Wizard and skidaddle real fast and create some new fake Klan using the lineage some fake group gave them! It’s enough to make a real Klansman like me want to puke.

For the last 5 years or so, Johnny Jew has sent waves of these Chameleons toward the last true Klans left in this country. Why? Well here’s the answer, We started coming out of the invisibility that was set in place in 1986 to reach out and make Klansmen of those who have been searching for us.

Sitting on my end you can sense the anger and fear of these false jews and their White puppets. They thought with the invention of the internet that they could finally hammer the nail in the coffin of the Ku Klux Klan. Much like they have used the internet to slander us, we have used it to shine a spotlight on the slimy Chameleon and his new title and wannabe fake ass Klan.

We have gone nowhere, we just got smarter. Stormfront was the worst, it took me a long time to awaken to what it truly is, which is a place for the jewish whores to imposter us and of course Don Black obliges as long as they pay them sheckles.

You saw only a couple of real Klansmen in Charlottesville. Why? I sent out an alert within the Empire for the Klansmen to stay home. Every 4 years just like a well tuned clock since my 18th birthday I have witnessed during each election the moles sent into to these fraudulent Klans and White Nationalist or Confederate groups who start screaming March! Protest! Why? They need us evil Klansmen in the streets for their Communist agenda to whip up their base. In the past many Klansmen answered the Chameleons bell like sheep willfully walking toward their own slaughter.

No more! Not only did I tell all UDWK Klansmen and the other true Klans to stay away from Charlottesville I set out on a public campaign to start outing the moles and these false front groups. We went completely invisible once I witnessed two well researched moles start screaming to march. We used the winter of 2017 to drive out a couple moles sent into the real Klan and completely revamped our security. We started witnessing these Alt Light groups pop up who attempted to hang their coats under the White Nationalist tree. As soon as the election ended, they started dropping like flies.

The media didn’t push a fag named Milo, a Spencer and a Heimbacher because they thought these were the real White Nationalist leaders of today. They pushed them because their jewish masters told them too. Predictably these frauds then tried to steer the movement to the left. Then predictably these frauds claimed they were not White Nationalists as the election cycle was over. All smoke, bullshit and mirrors folks.

The Klan is awakened to this revolving merry go round, but sadly many White Nationalist organizations are not. This last round has created so many fake IW’s and Gd’s who grew disgusted with the fake crap they joined who then created their on group that I can’t count them. Take a look around Gab for example. I see all kinds of illegitimate groups ran by some kid who has 6 months or less under these false fronts and started his own gig.

I have tested what many call legitamite Klans like the Ku Klos Knights just to witness the jews reaction. Predictably they rush to associate me with them! They even printed stories that I was the Ku Klos Knights Mississippi Grand Dragon and published it in the LA Times. They never had a clue we were checking this false front out, and boy it didn’t take me long!

No mixed breed mongrel can join the Klan. That’s a fact. I spotted two Cherokee Indians in the Ku Klos in about 5 seconds. The old TAK the Jew loved to promote had some as well. We have groups impostering the old United Klans of America and many other old dead Klans such as John Howard’s International Knights. They even have membership cards made up to fool you.

These Indians and other mongrels are sent in to these fake orgs to die upon their sword if needed. The media publicized the hell out of the three TAK prison guards arrested in Florida. One was obviously a wetback of some sort as he was brown as Alabama dirt.

The Ku Klos Knights were actually ran by a used car salesman from Canada. He befriended Richard Bonderia and gained access to Bonderias books which he plagerized as his own. I never could figure out if he was a loon or a spook, but one damn things for sure, the man many wrongfully call Paul Lamonica was no Klansman.

He took a man we banished by tribunal and later made him a so called Mississippi Grand Dragon. We made the guy a Klansman sure enough, but by Klan law he was legally banished and therefore can never hold the honor of being called a Klansman again.

These Chameleons were so far up Lamonicas ass he didn’t know which way was up or down. They simply infiltrated his group and in some states like Alabama completely took it over and started appointing Indian Mongrels as Klan officers! I think he was like many others I’ve seen, in it for the money.

I have witnessed Frank Ancona leave the Fraternal White Knights and start a group someone is trying to keep going today called the Traditionalist American Knights. Boy oh boy! When photos started surfacing of ol Frank hugging the Niggra named Davis who moonlights for the SPLC on the internet, the gig was up. The TAK downfall ended with the murder of Frank by his own wife who killed him for his pain medication. Frank had an ego a mile long, but he was gullible. He allowed himself to be suckered by Chameleons like Nate Thayer, Daryl Davis and others. They pumped his ego up, and ol gullible Frank, would say whatever they wanted to manipulate him into saying for press coverage. The lust for the media camera and attention was former Klansmen Frank Anconas downfall. He sat and talked to Nate Thayer like they were best friends. He allowed the Niggra SPLC agent into Klavern events which is a direct violation of Klan protocol. The Jew then rushed to paint the real Klansmen who objected to this crap as frauds. I tell ya, looking back it’s laughable! I know one old Klansmen from Mississippi who let Frank make him his Mississippi Grand Dragon. Boy he ran faster than a scalded dog when Frank’s nigger hugging pics surfaced.

The true Invisible Empire does not hug niggras, read scripts while getting paid by the jew like Steven Howard, sign up indians or sell our sacred books to the general public like Bonduria and Lamonica. Nor do we testify against our brothers like the LWK.

I have been slandered and attacked from here to Timbuktu for pointing these things out. The damn false jews can’t stand me interfering with their master plan. I care not! I serve God, Race and Nation and the Invisible Empire and I do not hide, run nor cower in fear. In the Klan we have a Latin phrase taught to us. Non Silba Sed Anthar, which means not for self but others. I do these things as that’s what the real Imperial Wizard must do to save our noble order. I do it for the future of the Klan.

Those who are sent in to steer us to the left and who are either ignorantly or purposefully working for the jew or ZOG best get the hell out of the way or the Klan is fixing to run you over. Your days of hiding behind some fake ass name while you sit and imposter what i truly am, are over.

Men like me and Brother Doug, Robert Shelton, Sam Bowers, Sam Green and other true Imperial Wizards of the Klan have never hid and by God those of you who are imitating us are now put on notice, run back to your closet as you can’t hide and sit on the roost with us. We are fixing to knock your ass out of the tree.

If you wanna be a real Klansman come kneel before this fiery cross as short of that you are frauds. You frauds who are setting up these groups in Dixie especially in Mississippi better take heed of my warning including you Philadelphia. If you wanna come out of retirement that’s fine, but if you expect to hide your one man Klan behind some fake name and claim to be the Imperial Wizard of the Klan while you cower in Section 8 housing and chat with Jews you call Klansman on Stormfront while taking folks money, well be advised that dog ain’t gonna hunt Knightrider. Both us and the American Christian Knights are in Mississippi. Pick one and join. There is no Klan called Original Knights in Mississippi it’s just you and your dog.

My name is Brent Waller, I am the elected Imperial Wizard, just who the hell are you? You retards following Elmore around getting paid by the Jews at A@E to read scripts who claim to be Klansman but allowed a Niggra named Kamu Bell to bask in the glow of a fiery cross are not forgotten. Your being led around by an agent provacuter who you foolishly put on your board. Your lust for attention and media money makes you whores, not Klansmen. Your being used by a 5 foot midget who sold his soul to the jew. Some of you used to be Klansmen, but now your damn idiots.

The all seeing eye of the Klan is watching and making a list of those who imposter us. A day of reckoning is coming. If you can’t run with the Klan, then get your asses off the porch. Any wanna be imposter calling himself an Imperial Wizard as he hides behind some fake name in mommas basement consider this your exit as be warned that shit is no longer gonna fly.

The jew and his games, Lol! Just the same old song and dance on a different day. Your attempt to send Scott Shepherd the turncoat to my email to attempt to talk me into leaving the Klan is laughable but at the same time foolish as it let’s me know your worried so we must be doing something right. Why don’t you worry your kike asses back to Israel.

Until the day comes when the Invisible Empire rises like a Phoenix from the ashes to drive the spear of truth through your cold black hearts, the UDWK and all true Klansmen will leave the light on just for you.

IW Waller