The Tyranical Supreme Court

The Tyrannical Supreme Court

From Essays of a Mississippi Klansman

By Imperial Wizard Brent Waller

I awoke today to a beautiful spring morning, the birds are chirping, bumblebees are buzzing around and new life seemed everywhere. Then I turned on the news and hear the Republicans are holding up Obamas Supreme Court nominee. Let’s take a look at the Tyrannical Supreme Court shall we?

Below is a list of Judges and their religious affiliation. By my count, there are 6 Catholics who bow down to a Pope in Rome and three Jews, one of which is a false Jew as It claims to be Gay. Not a single Protestant is to be found.

Ask yourself this, why in a country dominated by Christians does not a single one serve on the Supreme Court? Now let’s look at where they came from prior to being put forth on the Supreme Court.

Four of them come out of the courts of the district of Columbia, not a state. The rest come from NY, NJ and Massachusetts. Kennedy is the only member outside of the Northeast, he came from the California courts. So hmmm let’s put this into perspective, our highest court in the land is made up almost entirely of people from the Northeast who are members of religious minority’s, and in the case of  “Kagan” she is rumored to be a Homosexual. It sickens me to my core to know that such a person who practices this disgusting, perverted, taught and learned lifestyle was the deciding vote which made Homosexual Marriage legal in this country.

Does this sound like a cross section of America to you?

John Roberts (Chief Justice)Roman Catholic G.W. Bush 2005

Anthony Kennedy Roman Catholic Reagan 1988

Clarence Thomas Roman Catholic G.H.W. Bush 1991

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jewish Clinton 1993

Stephen Breyer Jewish Clinton 1994

Samuel Alito Roman Catholic G.W. Bush 2006

Sonia Sotomayor Roman Catholic Obama 2009

Elena Kagan Jewish Obama 2010
Now after reviewing the current makeup of the SC, what does the reader think are the odds that Obamas Supreme Court pick Merrick Garland is

1. Not a Jew or Roman Catholic

2. Not from the Northeast or DC court system

Anyone want to take the bet? Certainly not this Mississippi country boy!

Merrick Garland

Born Merrick Brian Garland

November 13, 1952 (age 63)

From Chicago Illinois, U.S.Political party Democratic, College Harvard University, Religion Judaism

Garland is just another puppet out of the District of Columbia court system. How many of you would have lost money by bucking the odds? Merrick Brian Garland (born November 13, 1952) is the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He has served on that court since 1997.

A native of the Chicago area, Garland graduated summa cum laude as valedictorian from Harvard College and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. After serving as a law clerk to Judge Henry J. Friendly of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. of the Supreme Court of the United States, he practiced corporate litigation at Arnold & Porter and worked as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Department of Justice, where he played a leading role in the investigation and prosecution of the Oklahoma City bombers.

On March 16, 2016, President Barack Obama nominated Garland to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, to fill the vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia. So now let’s take a look at these Justice’s college education.
John Roberts (Chief Justice) G.W. Bush Harvard -Harvard

Anthony Kennedy Reagan Stanford-Harvard

Clarence Thomas G.H.W. Bush Holy Cross-Yale

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Clinton Cornell-Columbia

Stephen Breyer-Clinton Stanford-Harvard

Samuel Alito G.W. Bush Princeton-Yale

Sonia Sotomayor Obama Princeton-Yale

Elena Kagan Obama Princeton-Harvard
By my count, and this is counting Garland, we have five who attended law school at Harvard, three from Yale, and one from Columbia. Is it a coincidence that Gay Marriage and other very liberal decisions have been made by these Justices that seem to buck the many years of law before them? My answer would be no! Harvard is one of the most left wing liberal colleges in America today, matter of fact its so far to the left your average liberal has to look around the corner to see it.

We will take a long look into Harvard and Yale another day, as much of what’s wrong with America can be attributed to those who attended college and law school there. Now here’s what we know so far, your average Christian is being kept off the SC in favor of Roman Catholics and Jews, who mostly attended college at Harvard and Yale.

Now we are beginning to lift the wool off your eyes, many Christians are now shocked as before reading this, they had no clue. You better wake up White Christians, and mighty damn fast. The utter destruction of America’s moral fabric is being destroyed by both political party’s nominees. Gay marriage, gun control laws and laws favoring corporations over American Citizens are being done by a court that in no way whatsoever, represents America. The Klan has always preached an American first philosophy, and we bow to no King, Pontiff, Prince or Ruler, only God!

Scripture teaches us that a man shall not lie with man as woman, If Roman Catholics are Christians as many claim, why can they not read the word of God and see that Gay Marriage is wrong? In my state we worked hard to pass the Religious freedom law, this law exempts Christians from being forced to serve Homosexuals who bow to Satan. Does anyone doubt that when this law is put before the Tyrannical Supreme Court that it will be struck down? I don’t.

These Justices and a corrupted two party system have stirred up the drumbeats of secession once again. Does anyone doubt that the Jack booted Federal puppets will not carpet bomb seceding States into oblivion? The Southern States know all to well that they will burn, bomb, rape and practise the same craft of terrorism that they demonstrated in Dixie from 1861-1877.

Folks things look bad, really bad. Many seem to think revolution is the only answer. Let’s pray that Gods hands intervene by removing these tyrannical judges to burn with their master in Hell. Revolution is not some party folks, rivers will flow with blood. Some parts of my ancestral line were almost wiped out in the second war for independence.

Will God once again command the Phinas Priests to strike down the Satanic influence within America? We must start electing people who are not controlled by outside unseen forces that lust for a new world order, or It will take much stretched hemp and rivers filled with the stench of death and blood to restore the Republic of America. Let us pray to God that our children are never forced to see this day because their fathers voted in puppets who are only beholding to their masters.

IW Waller

United Dixie White Knights

“Update This essay was being written in early summer of 2016 and shortly after it was started Merrick Garland’s appointment to the Supreme Court died a much needed death. Just as I predicted Mississippi’s Religious freedom law was struck down by an extreme radical left Obama appointee US Southern District Federal Judge Carlton Wayne Reeves a Negro who attend extreme left Jackson State University, Reeves also sat upon the board of the ACLU.

Liberals then rushed to Reeves looking to get the Mississippi State Flag changed, to their utter disbelief he struck down the challenge and Mississippis state flag still fly’s today.

Now we have a new President who won easily over NWO candidate Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump won because the liberal lefts 8 years under Obama practically drove Americans in some parts of this nation into a third world status. It takes Americans to run out of jobs and cheap beer and to awaken to our NWO wars that are bankrupting us and watch as Obama’s Muslim friends kill other Americans to get pissed off. If the polls are evidence, they are finally pissed off. Many are out of work, millions of jobs were sent overseas, our debt is through the ceiling and at the same time he opened the gates to illegal immigration while at the same time he pratically begged so called refuges from the very wars he helped create to come here. This man should have been impeached and he will go down possibly as the worst President in United States history.

Donald Trump has announced his nominee and the winner is Neil Gorsuch. A man who as you probably guessed attended one of the few colleges most Supreme Court Judges come from, Gorsuch attended Columbia University, and then earned his doctorate from Oxford.

During his childhood, Gorsuch attended Catholic School but today his religious affiliation is Protestant, he is a member of St John’s Episcopal Church in Boulder, Colorado. One would be correct to assume that any man trained in Catholic schools who later changed his religious affiliation has some type of issues with Catholicism. 

The true Klan has always had an issue with Catholicism, We only believe in God, and kiss no man called a Pontiff’s ring. We believe only Christ can absolve us of our sins as our Holy Bible teaches us. Catholics bow to a foreign pope, and as the leading proponent of America first, last and only for 151 years we dislike this point of contention with Catholics.

Eight years of a Trump Presidency will ensure more Supreme Court nominees for Trump. Kennedy is talking of retirement, and you can see the fear in the extreme lefts eyes and hear it in their voices on the liberal left propaganda machines that some American sheep think is news.

The Jews of the NWO are frightened, they are losing the grip of the show and they know it. They will be pulling the puppet masters strings hard, we can expect to see more puppets in the streets marching, burning and looting. Money being paid to these puppets will be tripled. It’s the puppetmasters strings we must cut, we must destroy them now during the Trump Presidency or we may never get another chance.

A Protestant Christian will soon sit on the Supreme Court after a hard fought defeat for the liberal left, and oh what a great day that will be. Kagan will no doubt curl up like the viper she is, when Gorsuch takes his seat.

A second Protestant nominee by Trump will be the death toll of the lefts agenda. That day should be celebrated as the day America is reborn into her relationship with God and the day Satanic influence over the highest court in our land was killed.

As I’m typing this the NWO corporations who are the ones who seek cheap foreign illegal labor in their lust for greed and at the expense of the American worker are filing a brief against President Trumps travel ban and a halt to immigration. They need to be tossed into the ocean to swim to where they have been sending American jobs. 

We must pray that this Tyrannical Supreme Court will do the right thing and stop the exodus to America caused by NWO wars and put an end to the greed of the NWO which is causing America to be driven toward a third world status.

The old saying ” God Blessed America” may again ring true if we continue on the right path, we must drive the Satanic, Communist, NWO and Homosexual agendas into oblivion. We must stand and fight! The lone Star now shines over America, will we answer it’s call? 

Non Silba Sed Anthar, Carpe Diem

Imperial Wizard Waller

United Dixie White Knights