The Wall or Bullets, which is cheaper?

The Wall or Bullets, which is cheaper?

All year we have heard about a wall. Why, as bullets are cheaper. The wall will create jobs, but is it really needed? The answer is yes, because our political party’s are both filled with politically correct sissy’s.” So let me get this straight, we can send American troops into every shit filled cesspool of a country around the world to play policeman, but we can’t protect our own damn border?”

Folks I hope you don’t buy this bullshit, given the proper orders our fine military could stop the enemy invasion by stacking up body’s riddled with bullet holes before they ever got close to the border. Jim Boui and Davey Crockett are rolling over in their graves. Ask yourself why this invasion is being allowed to continue.

The answer my friends is Capitalism and political party’s that lust for its money. The secondary motive is to cripple the White vote. These people don’t give a damn about America. Corporations who have destroyed America want cheap labor, and politicians seek their votes to give more pork to their money masters.

How soon the Alamo is forgotten! The Klan has been sounding the alarm on the illegal invasion for decades. Isn’t it ironic to see it in presidential elections today? Most sheep think we must have a wall to stop it, I say horseshit. Give the boys in American military uniform the bullets and the orders and it will cease at once. 

The time has come to remove our security out of the hands of political hacks and prostitutes for corporations. Enough is enough! Start piling up body’s on the border and you get a nice wall of bone and rotting flesh eventually. They will soon get the message. The time has come to separate our Military from the yin yang of 4 year election cycles. The Military and our security should not be a political football.  Harvard sissy’s born in Kenya should never be in charge of the Government of this land nor our security.

Our security should never be some type of football to be tossed around for votes and cheap labor. Invading Mexico would also stop the problem, this may actually be the best solution. We could then set their wages and hang the problems. These political hacks make me sick, the people who are white who support the rape and destruction of America at the hands of José make me sicker! 

Whitey you better wake the hell up, and fast. You will soon be outnumbered. Your votes will soon be worthless. Your children’s future will be bleak, and your ancestors blood forgotten. You better get on this train with me, before its too late. We can never piss our children’s future away to be politically correct idiots.We must preserve a future for them or die trying.

We can fight them at the border or in our backyards, the choice is yours. Why waste billions on a wall? When bullets are cheaper. The wall will be built with your tax dollars. The same people who have caused the invasion will reap the benefits of your tax dollars to build a Wall. They are laughing at how the stupid sheep are going along with their latest way to rape America.

The only justice tyranny deserves is a hemp rope with 13 wraps. A Guatinne may be faster. We don’t need a wall, we need true Americans in Government with the balls to protect our country. Nationalism needs to rise. The symbol of the UDWK is a three headed Phoenix rising from the ashes of the second war for independence in 1865. The three heads represent the three K’s. The Phoenix represents the rebirth of resistance to tyranny. American Patriots much like us, need to rise up and start running for political office.

We can never give our children’s future away for the children of other nations. Maybe when you run out of cheap beer and cigarettes you will join the struggle to restore the White mans Government and God. We don’t need bricks and morter folks, We need men.

Awake Arise or be Forever Fallen

Imperial Wizard Waller