To Hell with Mexico! America First, Last and Only

From Essays of a Mississippi Klansman

By UDWK Imperial Wizard Brent Waller

Mexican protesters or enemy combatants which is it?

You say your a protester huh? Then why are you waiving a Mexican flag? You sure look like enemy combatants to me! Maybe we should start treating you as such. In our state, we have the right to open carry pistols. I urge every peaceful protester in any state where its legal,to do so. Protect yourselves, as after years of NWO brainwashing the police are worried their own damn government will prosecute them for some civil rights bullshit if they lock up these enemy combatants.

The police are not gonna protect you from vicious hordes of mongral Mexican enemy combatants. A simple look at the news shows us that they are only protecting the businesses. So I urge everyone to take caution and protect yourselves. As always check your Local, State and Federal laws.

The Mexican invasion that is being ignored and in fact encouraged by the media and foolish Whites is emboldened by your lack of understanding the true nature of their cause. Their cause is simple, to retake American states and eventually the entire country. Turn all illegal enemy combatants into immigration, report businesses that hire them.

Remember the Alamo, where men like Jim Boui and Davy Crockett gave their lives. Don’t be a victim, defend yourselves if you are attacked by mongral hordes of enemy combatants. Shove those Mexican flags up there asses. White man, yeah I’m talking to you! Don’t stand there and let White women be attacked unmercifully by the mongral hordes and antifa scum. Defend your women, your country and the blood of men like Crockett and Boui.

Any son of a bitch waiving the flag of a country we fought a war with on our soil is an enemy, treat em as such. You have the right of self defense, in many states this includes up to the use of deadly force if you feel your life is in danger. Check your states laws, then defend yourself and your family. Don’t wait on the tyrannical government to do so, or you will most likely end up in a damn taco.

If they are attempting suicide by jumping  in front of your monster truck waiving a Mexican flag in an attempt to invade America and stop you from going to a peaceful rally, work or whatever,then run over his bean eating ass, as you shouldn’t swerve and put your family’s life in danger. The law says the pedestrian has the right of way, not an enemy combatant. Don’t know about some of y’all, but I’ve had about had enough of this shit.

Bottles, bricks or bullets, Americans will always reserve the right to use any means neccassary to fight a foreign enemy that is being encouraged to attack peaceful White American Citizens. Its gonna take beating the ever loving shit out of people who think they can attack peaceful whites for them to understand that this ain’t Mexico, and never will be. We will not give this country up without one hell of a fight. If they don’t like Trump’s way, they damn sure won’t like mine.

Don’t be a victim White boy! Fight, Fight, Fight! Never surrender, never retreat. Help save our land, as the Liberal left is dead set on giving the Southwestern part of the United States back to the Mexican enemy. Some of you fence sitters better wake the hell up! A war is being waged for the very soil under your feet. 

If an enemy combatant lays his hands on you in a threatning violent manner while waiving a foreign flag, break his damn jaw, crack his skull, or use deadly force if you feel your life is in danger. Scum like that only deserve and understand the way of White warriors, not the politically correct teachings of white sissy’s.

To hell with Mexico! Keep calm and build the wall.

Viva America, the home of liberty and freedom and the UDWK